A Gold Explorer Hot on the Trail of Something Big & Shiny

Recently, I had the great opportunity to interview Bob Archer, CEO of Newrange Gold (OTCQB: NRGOF) (TSX-V: NRG).

Newrange is a gold explorer busy in Nevada’s Walker Lane Trend, a rich gold district. Indeed, Newrange has visible gold at its Palmico Project — a rare thing in mining nowadays — and thick, rich veins of gold.

The project is still early days, sure. But Bob believes the company is on the trail of something big.

In a previous article, Bob gave me — and you — his four reasons why he believes gold is heading higher. Now, in this interview, he explains why Newrange Gold is poised to do so well. I’ll let Bob give you the scoop …

Direct link: https://youtu.be/FtzDN32_kU8

Some of the highlights …

  • In the past, this was one of the highest-grade gold districts in Nevada. The Palmico Project is a past producer dating back to the 1800s.
  • The project has been in private hands for years, so it missed the last wave of mining exploration in Nevada.

  • Even on the old waste dumps, says Bob, they’re finding “museum quality” pieces of gold. Here’s one example (pictured).
  • The old mining that was done was underground, as the prospectors chased visible gold veins. But modern mining techniques reveal the “halo” of ore around those veins.
  • Right now, the company is mapping and sampling the underground workings. It has raised money and will use that for a drill program. It has other projects it wants to sell to potentially raise more money, so it won’t have to go back to the markets.
  • Preliminary drilling has already returned rich intercepts, including grades of 9.1 meters of 28 grams gold of per ton of rock, 6.1 meters of 98 grams of gold per ton, and 4.6 meters of 44 grams of gold per ton.
  • Palmico is licensed for a 1,000-metric ton bulk sample, and the company plans to take that out in Q4. That will provide cash flow.

It’s still early days. I think this project could be very exciting. In fact, I like it so much, I bought it for my own portfolio. I may sell it down the road. I already have fat open gains.

The great thing is this is only one of the exciting projects in Nevada. I’ll be finding more like this for my subscribers. If you’re doing this on your own, due your own diligence.

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