Transcript: New Supercycle Profits, Part I


I have just uploaded a blockbuster new 30-minute video and special report to our website.

The video is “New Supercycle Profits.” Thousands of subscribers have already viewed it. And the feedback has been wonderful.

The report is Multiply Your Money Up to 16x with Seven Supercycle Windfalls in 2018, and I think it could be the most profitable report you read this year.

The timing couldn’t be better. Because nearly all the major market turns we’ve predicted are now unfolding even as we speak.

You can watch the video now, if you wish. Just click here and it will play on your screen right away. Or read on for …

THE TRANSCRIPT: New Supercycle Profits, Part I.

Martin Weiss: Over the past few months, Sean Brodrick and I have told you that we’re in for a roller coaster ride through hell.

That the era in which governments could amass debt with impunity is ending. And that a new era in which mankind pays the price for those debts, is beginning.

It will be an era of gargantuan government debts going bust.

An era when the very essence of what government is all about will come into question.

An era that will see massive government layoffs on both sides of the oceans.

And also threaten the liberties of hundreds of millions of citizens as desperate governments move to tax those citizens, spy on those citizens, and even nationalize their wealth.

It will be an era of currency wars, trade wars, civil uprisings, civil wars and even international wars. It will be an era of more government repression, authoritarianism, fascism, leading to …

Reduced privacy, reduced freedoms, reduced returns on your capital.

No, it is not a pretty picture.

According to our research, this is the first time the world has faced such a period of possible debt defaults in major nations since at least the Great Depression.


There will be similarities, and there will be differences between now and then.

In terms of the similarities, we’ll see economies and governments reel. We’re already seeing turmoil in the Middle East, Europe, South Asia, East Asia.

And here in the United States, we’re already seeing two of our main political parties splitting apart, into warring factions.

We see separatist movements gaining momentum overseas like in Catalonia, where 90% recently voted to secede from Spain.

In Italy, where there are at least three powerful separatist movements — in Venice, in North Italy, in Sicily. Or in Belgium where the Flemish-speaking half of the nation is almost at war with the French-speaking half.

Yet, throughout it all, there are shining lights of hope for those in the know. Beacons of light that will help you grow and protect your money like never before.

Provided you keep an open mind … provided you realize that the world is changing … and provided you use the lessons of history as your guide.

That’s what we do. We predicted the troubles overseas would create a tidal wave of fight capital, and they did.

We’ve predicted that the money would flow to the safest safe haven in the world, the United States, and it did.

We told you this tidal wave of capital would drive the U.S. stock market to all-time highs, and that has happened.

We also told you that Europe would be among the first to fall, creating tremendous profit opportunities, and now that forecast is also beginning to unfold.

France posted nearly zero growth in the most recent quarter.

Spain’s GDP is down, nearly 10% over the last three years.

Great Britain has confounded the political establishment by voting to leave the European Union.

Standard and Poor’s and Fitch have downgraded the U.K. and they’re now warning that they’re going to downgrade it again.


And meanwhile, Brexit is a disaster both for the U.K. and for the EU. Each is going to lose a major trading partner and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Unemployment in the European Union is already sky-high: 9.6% in France … 11.3% in Italy … 17.7% in Spain … 22.5% in Greece!

That’s more than FIVE times the jobless rate in the United States, and it’s dangerous.

But let me tell you what’s even more dangerous. It has to do with Germany, the one major economic engine of Europe.

The German Government Coalition has just collapsed. An upstart political party, Alternative für Deutschland, has surged to prominence.

What’s next? We’ve told you all along. We’ve told you that the crisis ahead is going to be a crisis of government:

Ruthless government taxation. Government repression. And government debt.

That’s why the epicenter of the next financial earthquake will be in the market for sovereign debt — the bond market.

And now that crisis is also beginning. All over the world, major sovereign bonds have been falling in value. And all over the world, their decline has barely begun.

Now here’s the biggest payoff of all: As we’ve told you all along, the crisis will continually drive tremendous amounts of FEAR MONEY into key resources, especially in two major sectors.

That’s what the Edelson Institute has predicted. It’s coming true. And that’s what the Edelson Institute continues to predict, right Sean?

Sean Brodrick: Yes, we also predicted that our subscribers would make a huge amount of money with that trend and they had the opportunity to do just that.

Martin: Could you give us the names and numbers for those?

Sean: I will in a sec, but first let me tell you about the two major resource sectors that really benefit the most from this crisis.

The first is metals of all kinds — not just precious metals like gold, silver and palladium, but also industrial metals like copper and metals that most investors know very little about.

I’m talking about energy metals — metals that are needed for lithium-ion batteries.

And the second major resource sector is OIL.

Martin. Tell us about the metals first and then come back to oil later.


Sean: OK. Since January 2016, the price of nickel is up about 35%. Copper? It’s up 47%! Those are the industrial metals most people are familiar with.

Martin: Those are just extraordinary price increases right there.

Sean: Yes, great, great gains. But now look at the energy metals! Lithium is up about 137% in that time frame. 137%! At the same time, cobalt is up an astounding 160%!

We wrote about lithium and cobalt before any other analysts. It’s what we told our readers about in conference after conference. And as a result, subscribers should have a slew of profits.

Martin: OK, now tell us about those profits.

Sean: OK, our Integra Gold is up 31.8%. Our Sociedad Química y Minera is up 30.7%. And our Katanga Mining is up 142%. Plus 175% on Lithium Americas. I like to let those big winners run.

And most of these positions were held for less than three months. Sometimes less than a few weeks! Now, you should know that we probably won’t be re-recommending the same instruments that made us all this money so far.

Martin: That’s logical.

Sean: Right. But we WILL be recommending brand-new investments.

Martin: I get that. But when our readers see these kinds of profit numbers, they begin to wonder, you know. “Have I missed the boat?” “Is it too late for me now?”

Sean: Everything that I see in precious metals right now tells me that, after a dip, the next leg is going to be huge.

Martin: After a dip.

Sean: Yes, right. This is exactly why we decided to hold this emergency conference right now. Because this month we’re getting the intermediate correction that we warned about, and this gives us an ideal buying opportunity right now.

The key is that our cycle charts predicted this. They said two things: First that precious metals will bottom in late December. Second, these same precious metals will march dramatically higher in January.

Martin: And we have good evidence of that prediction because we were right here in this studio in a Q&A session with our subscribers, and that’s exactly what you said.

These are the same cycle charts that have been calling the big tops and bottoms in the resource markets year after year with uncanny accuracy.

Those predictions could have helped you multiply your money many times over. And now, here we are again, in December 2017, and it looks like the markets are moving exactly on queue with what we predicted in that Q&A session just a month ago.

Sean: Yes, they are.

Martin: So share with our readers some of the fundamental forces that are behind these cycles and these forecasts.

Sean: We call it the Commodity Master Wave, and it’s driven by two critical forces.


The first is the power of supply and demand. The very fact that commodity prices have been so underpriced and undervalued for so long has caused supplies to dwindle all over the world. That is one force.

The second force is directly related to the supercycle in government debt that converged with all the other cycles just about five weeks ago.

So as this crisis unfolds, what was once considered safe to invest in — government debt — is going to become the riskiest of all. And what was once considered risky is now about to become the choice for savvy investors all over the world: Gold, silver, oil and other natural resources.

Those resources are about to emerge as the single best safe haven for global investors. Not just as hedges against inflation but more importantly as hedges against global crisis.

Martin: Now let me throw a historical perspective on this if I may? It’s something that my father taught me from an early age and his father taught him:

Historically, commodities are ideal investments in times of crisis. Because people, societies, nations — they just can’t live without them. Food. Water. Energy. Materials to build homes. And most notably, gold and silver.

Consider for example, the last time we entered a major period of economic and political turmoil — the Great Depression.

Now, there are, of course, big differences between then and now. But like today, the political instability was mostly overseas, especially in Europe.


You had devastating, crippling, hyper-inflation in Germany in the early 1920s. The rise of Mussolini, 1922. The fall of the Weimar Republic — the German Weimar Republic — in 1933. And Hitler’s rise to power in that same year. Then the Spanish civil war three years later.

And all the while, wave after wave of flight capital was flowing from Europe to America.

Like today, investors ran away from the dangers. And like today, they flocked not only to the United States, but they also flocked to the relative safety of hard assets like commodities.

No, I wasn’t there personally in the 1930s, but my father was there. And in the 1930s he helped famous investors like Bernard Baruch, who was an adviser to many presidents, and Joseph Kennedy, the father of JFK. He helped them invest in gold, gold shares and silver.

“There we were,” he said. “Governments failing, winds of war everywhere, debts imploding and banks on the brink or failed, and surprisingly, commodity prices were suddenly going through the roof.”

Base metals prices also soared. Aluminum, for instance. It almost doubled in price in a short two-year period. Ditto for share prices of many commodity producers.

A major silver company by the name of Bunker Hill was trading for just three dollars and change. That was 1932. In 1937, it was selling for $36.25. Most investors missed that move. But a handful of savvy investors grew their wealth by 835%.

Or look at Kennecott Copper! It rose from $4.25 to $69.38. That’s a whopping 1,432% gain right in the middle of the Depression.

Or consider International Nickel. Its share price started from a low of $3.50 per share. Five years later it reached a high of $73.38 per share. That gain was 1,887%.

Anaconda Cooper was the biggest example of all. It surged from a low of $3 per share in 1932 to a high of $69.50 in 1937. That was a staggering gain of 2,116%.

Smack dab in the middle of all the same kind of turmoil that we’re seeing in the world today.

It’s little wonder that so many of our readers right now have been filling our mailbag with questions about commodities and they’re asking,

When will I get a chance to buy?

When will the real bull market finally get underway?

When will gold and silver touch bottom? When will they blast off?

Which other resource sectors are about to hit bottom? Exactly when will they explode higher?

Editor’s Note: We have just published a new, in-depth, report with all the answers. In it, we give you:

  • The cycles charts that confirm that the blast-off phase in seven key commodities is about to begin …
  • The facts on the ground — the supply and demand fundamentals on gold, silver, oil, copper and other Supercycle investments — which validate this conclusion …
  • Gold investments projected to deliver gains of 774% … 932% … up to 1,154% …
  • Silver investments projected to deliver gains of 735% … 1,063% … up to 1,493%.

The report, “Multiply Your Money Up to 16x with 7 Supercycle Windfalls in 2018,” could prove to be the most profitable report you read all year.

It’s free. There’s no obligation, no strings attached — and it could make you very rich. Go here to read it.

Good luck and God bless!


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