Larry Edelson’s Parting Gift to You

Before Larry Edelson passed away, our owner and chairman Martin Weiss promised Larry that he would send you his parting gift — a special “thank you” from him to you.

Larry devoted many years to the research that went into this gift. He and his team dedicated months to preparing it. And with my help, still more quality time focused on the task of making sure it included some of the most recent developments. 

What is this special gift?

It’s The Winds of World War III, a unique manuscript Larry wrote that tells you what’s happening in global markets today, why it’s happening and what the future is most likely to bring.

In this book, Larry does not predict that World War III will happen. He shows how it’s already happening — in the form of terror wars, civil wars, cyber wars, and trade wars.

Nor is the book intended for geopolitical junkies or war historians. It’s dedicated to friends and investors like you — to help guide you on a solid path toward greater wealth with more safety. Larry shows you how the winds of war are driving investment markets, including stocks, gold, oil, bonds and currencies. Plus, he makes a series of bold forecasts on what to expect in the years ahead.

Just as he had done for 40 years, Larry was determined to not only warn you about what’s coming so you could insulate your money, but also to help you use the power of his cycles research to make money.

Larry believed it was vital to give you this warning as soon as possible; so we worked tirelessly to make it happen.

We all were blown away by Larry’s predications, and I once again found his research and analysis to be groundbreaking. This book is the crowning achievement of a 40-year career of guiding investors to safety and profits, and a testament to his legacy as the leading cycles analyst of our day.

In accordance with Larry’s wishes, this link will take you to the pre-publication manuscript of Winds of World War III. And Larry insisted that Martin give it to you for free. No strings attached. No product to buy. Purely and strictly a gift from his heart.

It’s one of the most fascinating — and useful — books I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I trust you will agree. I am confident it will lead you to security and prosperity for years to come.

And I know Larry’s legacy will live on through his prolific writings, via the work of his colleagues here at Weiss Research, and in the minds of hundreds of thousands of investors who turned to him for guidance.

Go to this page for your free copy of Winds of World War III. Then, if you would like to comment, please do so on that same page.

Kindest regards, 

Mike Burnick

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  1. m binette April 23, 2017

    Am reading every week larry can not beleive is dead very sad
    who will replace him in gold


  2. PETER CHEUNG April 2, 2017

    I cannot believe that Mr. Larry Edelson passed away and if so, I felel deeply sad. He had been a great writer with inspiring foresight and always with an honest and earnest presentation. In short he was really A GREAT MAN. Surely, you miss a good friend and a good partner and we miss a wonderful person. I enjoy reading his articles all the time, Kindly send my condolence to his family.


  3. Daniel March 30, 2017

    I did not know Larry had passed away? when did that happen and how did he die.?


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  5. Marketing Technology March 24, 2017

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  7. Graeme March 21, 2017

    I would like to add my condolences to those already expressed to the family of Larry, both the immediate family and his extended family
    Ones life is measures by the legacy one leaves and in this I am sure Larry has excelled. His giving to us as his last wish and momento is an example of the man himself.
    Those who are able to see the world differently and furthermore be able to express so definitely their vision are indeed rare, and Larry was one of these.
    His wisdom will be sorely missed
    RIP Larry


  8. Alan Grover March 20, 2017

    When did Larry Edelson pass away?