The French Election Could Be the End of the Euro

My mentor, colleague, and friend, Larry Edelson had been warning for years that the euro was doomed. And Larry’s AI models predicted that 2017 would be the year of political upheaval.

And the way I see it, he was right on.

The euro crisis is once again in the public eye. And the corruption scandals of career politicians in France are putting the euro near extinction.

In fact, the door is now open for an outsider like Marine Le Pen, the charismatic leader of the National Front, to overtake the establishment.

A victory of Le Pen in the presidential election would most likely lead France to leave the euro. And without the political and economic heavyweight, the rest of the European Monetary Union is unlikely to survive.

Le Pen is still holding up in the polls, making this year’s presidential election in France the most exciting in recent memory. The Socialist and Republican parties, which have held power since the founding of the Fifth Republic in 1958, could be eliminated in the first round of a presidential ballot on April 23.

In fact, in the runoff on May 7, French voters may be facing a choice between two rebellious candidates: Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, the upstart leader of a liberal movement, which he founded only last year.

It’s not just France: The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Greece are all moving toward exiting the EU as well.

Macron is currently leading in the polls to win the runoff vote. But polls are polls: Remember what happened with Brexit and with the U.S. election – the polls were dead wrong.

But it’s not just France: The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Greece are all moving toward exiting the EU as well.

Consider …

In a recent report, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development stated that “falling trust in national governments and lower confidence by voters in the political systems of many countries can make it more difficult for governments to pursue and sustain the policy agenda required to achieve strong and inclusive growth.”

I couldn’t agree more. The lack of confidence in government will be the ultimate undoing of the euro.

Uncertainty over economic policy has skyrocketed since Brexit and the U.S. election. And the upcoming election in France — plus Germany and Netherlands — also pose even greater risk of a further populist uprising in Europe. That means the euro is on borrowed time.

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  1. Ayax April 3, 2017

    I have been living in Spain since 1993, that means 24 years and I believe to know spanish politics and spaniards.
    I don’t agree about Spain moving towards exiting from EU.
    Spain has had a lot of help and money from EU and it’s very difficult for this nation to try exiting from EU.


  2. Ken March 29, 2017

    Does anyone seriously think that the elite will not get their man? OMG, that’s hilarious. It’s one thing to vote for Brexit. It’s quite another to get a real leader. No chance. Le Pen does not have 1. Trump’s personality, 2. Trump’s self funding capability, 3. French people are not nearly as independent nor courageous as Americans. All these things had to line up perfectly for a Trump win. France has none of them. France will vote as the mainstream media tells them to. The euro will stay in tact. Eventually it will fall but just as another commentator said, the elite manipulators can time it to their benefit, not ours.


  3. Jan March 26, 2017

    London terror hoax was none other then crisis actors working under the script of the “Jolly Rodger” – namely Skill & Bones Lodge 322. The hoax was staged on 3/22 & Big Ben’s hands were also set at 3:22pm. The handy work of Cheney or H.W. Bush as they killed Rockerfeller the day before.


    • Ken March 29, 2017

      Why would they need to kill Rockefeller the day before. I don’t see the connection. The rest of what you said was interesting. However when you blame it on Bush, et al, you distract from the serious dangers of Islam.


  4. marvin March 22, 2017

    I have followed larry for many years please let his family know he was one of the great ones and we will miss him


  5. Steve March 17, 2017

    The problem with the Euro is they do not have a consstitution like the United States. What they have is ineficient and does mot motivate people to work together.


  6. Werner March 17, 2017

    Hi Mike
    Considering me an old fox in Forex, having started as a Forex Desl Manager in May 1971 in a Belgian outfit in Geneva I can do no better than fully subscribe to your scenario. The French wanted the Euro to stop the relentless devaluation of the French currency. Mitterrand even went as far as to blackmail Helmut Kohl to the acceptance of the Euro without a referndeum in Germany. Since the Euro’s inception, my feeling was that the French would blow up the Euro and I stick to that theory. Mind you, there will be no clear winners in this dispute, only losers, on both sides of the pond! Sad Outlook, but nearing at high speed.


  7. Carol Shea March 17, 2017

    What would be good stocks to buy if the Euro folds?


  8. vincent March 16, 2017

    hi Mike,

    Netherlands voted non populist and dow has recovered its slide. according to AI chart, it should be down until 20 march, right? so what went wrong here.?



  9. Joop Ketellapper March 16, 2017

    Yesterday we had the parliamentary election here in the Netherlands. The expected breakthrough of populist Geert Wilders failed to materialize. However, a further victory of right-wing parties, but not an anti Europe victory.


  10. michael mccabe March 13, 2017

    I hope you are correct about the upcoming demise of the EU, but you may be underestimating the cunning and the determination of the largely unelected bureaucrats who currently control the EU. They will not easily relinquish their power and access to money simply because they have become unpopular. We do not yet know what dirty tricks they will utilise to hold on their power, but it will be interesting to watch. Remember that the similarly unelected nomenclatura who ran the old soviet union hung on for over 50 years.


  11. Jimmy Campbell March 13, 2017

    Wow…Losing Larry is weird as hell…talk about getting your butt shot off…! Just when you were looking for the Money Shot….OK, Mike.As Rick Flaire says….in for a penny, in for a pound…If you are gonna BE the Man, you gotta BEAT the man…I’m in…Hope you are, too…!!!!


  12. E.R. Lake March 13, 2017

    Glad to hear that we will have an extension of Larry’s work. Waiting to see how it goes as I had a lot of trust in Larry’s work.
    Hope you enjoy picking up where Larry left off.


  13. john willis March 13, 2017

    Hello Mike,
    Since you likely know more about Larry Edelson’s timing models than anyone, I was wondering if you could suggest a course of study that I could pursue to learn more.


    • Walter Pearce, Publisher March 16, 2017

      Hi John,

      I spoke with Mike, and he recommended starting with a classic of technical analysis:

      Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, by Edwards and Magee.

      There are also 3 courses Larry produced specifically for precious metals that you can find at