Remember My Warning in Gold and Mining Shares?

It was just three weeks ago. That’s when almost every professional money manager wanted in on the gold rally. So too did every Mom and Pop investor. Even my children were asking if it was time to finally buy gold and silver.

Subscribers and members to my various investment publications? They wanted my head on a silver platter. They thought that they had already lost their chance — forever — to get in low as gold ultimately works its way to well over $5,000 an ounce over the next few years.

And in the mining sector, everyone pretty much felt the same. They wanted to line me up in front of a firing squad and pull the triggers themselves.

But I stood firm. I told them — in no uncertain terms — that "gold isn’t going to $5,000 an ounce tomorrow."

And I told them that the precious metals, all of them, were headed toward a major failure instead, and that the next big move would be to the downside.

Click image for larger view

And for proof, I also showed them my Artificial Intelligence and neural net models for gold at the time, reprinted here.

As you can clearly see, the forecast called for a virtually straight move down for gold into the end of May, with gold likely to test prior major resistance levels at much lower prices.

So here we are today and gold has given up the ghost, plunging over $65 since its high of $1,306 (June futures contract) on May 2.

Now sitting just above my next sell signal at $1,241 …

If gold can break that level on a closing basis, the precious yellow metal should fall to at least $1,202 … and if that gives way, then down to the major long-term support levels between $1,160 and $1,180 …

Where I will be backing up a fleet of trucks, telling anyone who cares to listen to buy as much gold, silver, platinum, palladium AND mining shares as possible.

My trading members will be in even better shape. They are short gold and silver with inverse ETFs and if the metals continue to slide, as I expect they will, my members will have some pretty hefty profits that they can use to purchase even more precious metals and mining shares, when the bottom does come, early next month.

That will put them way ahead of the likes of George Soros, who lately has become nothing more than a gold promoter trying to save his own neck for buying at the wrong time. Or Stanley Druckenmiller, another big hedge fund manager who’s talking up gold, all because he loaded up too soon and he figures the publicity he could garner just might help him get out of a bad trade.

Nice try, guys, but you aren’t bigger than the gold market, or any market for that matter. So don’t try to cover up your mistakes or promote your position to others so they start buying what you want to dump to escape your own mistakes. Where I come from, that’s a no-no, regardless of how much money you have or who your connections are.

If I sound critical of others, so be it. I’m sick and tired of all the gimmickry and shenanigans that go on in the precious metals markets. They cost the average investor billions in untold losses. They steer them the wrong way, like sheep to a slaughterhouse, which is a big part of what Wall Street really is.

Not me. I left Wall Street early in my career and set up my own boutique commodity firm because I despised the unethical behaviors I saw, right in front of my face. I wanted nothing to do with them.

And today, I’m one happy camper with a beautiful wife and five fantastic children — plus a loyal throng of well over 36,000 members, who stick with me through thick and thin because I shoot straight. I don’t make up stories about why a market is doing this or that. I tell it like it is, I forecast based on objective, Artificial Intelligence models, I’m not afraid to be wrong, and most of all …

I help my followers get their timing right. And timing is everything.

Keep your eyes on the precious metals. If they continue lower into early June — as I expect they will — then also be sure you’re ready to make a fortune, possibly several.  

Stay tuned and best wishes,


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  1. brent_shannon July 18, 2017

    Why aren’t you updating closer to real time? You have changed your publishing format in Gold MIning Millionare and Real Wealth Report and it is very difficult to find updated information.


  2. Murray Fradin June 1, 2016

    Larry, I have been a follower of yours over the years! You have been absolutely correct on your gold predictions. Despite the many headwinds this year(2016) gold has performed well! Now, you state that gold will correct into the latter part of May and reach a bottom in early June. I see this happening now, one day past Memorial Day! I see strong support at 1200 as gold dipped to only 1199 a few days ago. Larry, could gold re-trace its’ entire run from December, 2015? Is this even conceivable? I recently positioned myself in a solid mining company (Senior) at a price in the low $4.00 range. It is a mining powerhouse called: Kinross Gold. Is this a wise move? All the best… Murray S. Fradin


  3. Robert May 31, 2016


    Still waiting for the sharp selloff in gold (by the end of May).. Also I haven’t noticed any update on your predictions of 14,000 on the DOw and 1350 S&P by end of May. Any current thoughts.



  4. Mfeder May 31, 2016

    Larry I have followed you for years and will continue to. However, because I have been a follower for years, 2016 was the year you predicted we would approach gold $5,000. And honestly, you have been predicting a new gold bull market for 3 years and it has yet to materialize.


  5. Thomas May 31, 2016

    Thanks Larry , i can only afford to buy small amounts of gold & silver . i enjoy when u give a heads up on this . i’m on fixed income , so it’s very important that i do well. most of it is coin . that’s all so a hobie. thanks again .


  6. Andrew May 31, 2016

    Hi Larry, I am doing binary at the moment new to all this and put a put on for gold $500 @ 1249.650 for end of month to see what happens and won back altogether $875, I would like to say a big thank you to you.


  7. Frank Weiler May 31, 2016

    Good information.


  8. RC May 30, 2016

    Larry, I enjoy reading your predictions for the rich and famous. I am retired and living on Social Security, so I can not afford to buy gold. I can only afford to buy silver. I would like to subscribe but just can not afford the high price. Thanks. RC


  9. Brian May 30, 2016

    I remember reading your gold forecast a month and a half ago and found it hard to believe, but you were completely right. Gold failed over 1300 and has been going down ever since. One of the best calls that I have seen in a long time. Anyone paying attention to Larry’s articles is sure to benefit in some way. I now have an opportunity to buy the miners when gold bottoms in June. Thank you.


  10. Michel May 29, 2016

    Thanks Larry for your thourough analysis that are worth following (it’s never too late). I will do my best to start listening to what you have to say… and act!!


  11. H. Craig Bradley May 27, 2016


    Buy more gold (coins) IF the price goes to $900.00/ounce or lower THIS year. Don’t “back up the truck” because gold is so volatile and said to be “manipulated”. ( Gold bugs always excuse their wrong calls with market manipulation). Like Larry said, “nobody is bigger than the gold market or any (global) market”. Gold won’t head up to $5,000/ounce or thereabouts until the current (young) cycle in government confidence deteriorates much further, possibly in 2021 or thereafter.

    Nobody knows for sure when the public will run from government (bonds) and when core public confidence in Governments all around the world will actually collapse. This is when gold will probably really take-off rapidly. Demand for physical gold would be so strong you won’t be able to find any dealers with much of it in-stock. So, buy a little here and there now and dollar cost average in. That is what I am doing since 2014.


  12. Dirt Farmer May 26, 2016

    The artificial intelligence and neural network chart Larry shows above looks quite different from the one he sent out several months ago. The one above shows gold going steadily up from early January to early March. The earlier chart shows gold going down from January into February, before going up into March. What’s up with that!?


    • Karin May 27, 2016

      I think that if you compare it to other charts made by technical analysts it will all be clear to you. /kh


  13. Phyllisofical May 26, 2016

    I really appreciate you Larry.


  14. Gino May 26, 2016

    Miners have double since January. I doubt they’ll halve from here. I think Soros et al will not be too worried about the minor pullback


  15. Gerald H. May 25, 2016

    Aloha Larry,

    Thank you for your great work, But we still have a lot more downside to go on the miners before we can celebrate. We are still expecting a 80% correction on all of the Miners and Juniors from their 52 week highs right? We need back to back days of miners crashing.
    So far it has been a slow decline and rise day by day w/ the Miners. No back to back crashes yet. Hopefully soon. Thanks again, Gerald


  16. Gerald H. May 25, 2016

    Aloha Larry,

    Thank you for your great work, But we still have a lot more downside to go on the miners before we can celebrate. We are still expecting a 80% correction on all of the Miners and Juniors from their 52 week highs right? We need back to back days of miners crashing.
    So far it has been a slow decline and rise day by day w/ the Miners. No back to back crashes yet. Hopefully soon. Thanks again, Gerald


  17. Myron Martin May 25, 2016

    Sometimes Larry gets it right, but he has also been wrong numerous times over the years that cost me some big money. Guess all that proves is that TIMING is critically important and taking some profits off the table when you have them is always prudent. In my case I bought 1000 shares of Great Panther Silver GPR earlier in the year @ .44 and last week-old 400 shares @ $2.15 which doubled my original investment and leaves me with 600 FREE shares, so I really don’t care if the market takes a temporary swoon, silver is still heading for a minimum of $100. an ounce. While that was my best result in the past 6 months, in the past year I have picked 25 junior miners that are up a minimum of 25% with several DOUBLES and even TRIPLES I can swll covered calls against to ride out any downturn.


  18. Mike Myrick May 25, 2016

    Hi Larry,

    Which option trading service are you referring to? I may be interested.

    RWR posted options previously, like 2015. Have options be deleted from RWR?


  19. Dr. Stephen Weise May 25, 2016

    I believe Justin and Victor are as correct as can be. I am still 42.43% under water from previous wrong predictions. Maybe I break even in 2017 ?


  20. Emanuel May 25, 2016

    Good afternoon Larry. Like you I’m a straight shooter. I don’t candy coat anything which is why I follow your advise each and every Wednesdays like clockwork. Your timing on Gold/Silver this past couple of weeks have been stupendous. And I’m not staying behind. In fact I own gold/silver since late 2006. This time I’m backing up a fleet of trucks myself. Stay smart my friend.


  21. paul May 25, 2016

    true enough larrys prediction was very clear and timely and correct. maybe gold goes down some more from here maybe not. early in may i was so euphoric that i was doubtful about a correction but still to be cautious i sold off 3 of my best gains AG BCM and SVM. 2 of these i bought back into 15-18 days later at favorably reduced prices but had i followed larrys advice i would have waited even longer and avoided yesterdays big drop. but still i have 25% cash looking to get back in. many thanks for your sobering advice.


  22. Liam May 25, 2016

    Larry, you’re a legend in my books. I still take advice from analysts with a skeptical eye and a grain of salt, but I gotta say, your call on gold this past month was like benediction from the Pope. I truly believe that people who learn to love themselves will see the sham that is mainstream financial advice. It’s not a matter of merely outwitting the other market players, people have to trust their heart and their gut. So few people have guts today, but many market players are very neurotic and brainy. I feel you aren’t disappointed your advisory service isn’t featured daily on Bloomberg or the WSJ, because you are truly wealthy in what matters (ie. Real Wealth). Put another way, you are the Iron Maiden of investing lol. Same with Martin Armstrong. Cheers mate.


  23. Ronnie 619 May 25, 2016

    The FCX Options were 1/18 $12 calls ..Tried to get 7 @ $1.00 but only got filled on the 2


    • Ronnie 619 May 25, 2016

      I Am Currently $33,000 in $$$$ & $23,000 in the markets …even with this short term “POP” …my TOL 09/$30 calls got a good pop …bought 7 @ $0.70 now $1.60 ….with a high of $1.80 …over 185 traded ….TOL had a high of $29.84 $29.20 down 26c …profit taking going on …I have until Sept. to see what’s up….looks like I Should have hung onto those NTRI 9/25 calls I Sold @ 2.90 ….there @ $3.70 —OH WELL , bought them @ 0.85 …never a Mistake Taking a Decent 300% Profit!! …I Usually Take those 300% ers ….before they drop to a Shoulda—Coulda …I Have some SHORTS on the Overall markets that are “OUCHING” Some Today … Sold My SSO June 67 calls I bought @ 0.28 for 0.62 today …only bought 10 …I think this POP is end of the month Institutions …buying the “RIGHT STOCKS” for “Window Dressing” –Overall VOLUME was LIGHT Yesterday to Confirm SERIOUS BUYING!!–Mostly C-rApple, Monsanto, NFLX & BA ..if the S& P Closes above the 2100 resistance ..I May be WRONG & Buys (Some) may pop up!


  24. Ronnie 619 May 25, 2016

    I Didn’t Sell ALL — But I Did reduce My exposure to precious metals by a large percentage..sold all my 7 TCK 1/17/$5 calls Options….bought $0.69 sold 6 for $5.75, 1 for $5.30.. 8-TCK 1/18/ $7 calls bought @ 0.53 & 0.69 sold for 4 for $5.00–4 for $4.60 …8 HL 1/18 $5 calls bought @ 0.52 sold all 8 for $1.10…..sold 200 sh.GORO I bought @ $1.28 or 1.30? sold at $3.48.. sold 200 SAND @ $4.30 ..bought at $2.10..sold 200 NG @ $6.15 bought at $2.80 …sold 150 of 300 sh ASM bought @ 0.78 sold at $1.58 Bought 2 FCX for $1.11 sold for $4.70 …..I just bought 600 bought back 600 SH of LODE @ 0.56 that I sold @ 0.46 ..On improvements in their Nevada Mines(May be early–but nice improvements & Mgt.) …also bought 500 PLGTF @ 0.5187 —buy more if it dips below 0.35 …Still holding 50 SH FSM, 150 ASM, 50 Sh HL ..40 SH PGLC ..Bought 200 SH of PLG @ $2.80 ..bought back 75 of 200 SH of SAND @ $3.60 ..Also bought 2000 SH of LACDF ..when it was WLCDF @ 0.19 about 0.56 …..I Heard SOROS Bloating & Figured he probably bought in Jan & Feb., Like I did & was pumping up the position for SELLING—But I GOT OUT BEFORE HIM!! when the GLD was at 121.50 – !23+ LOL ….Just Like “Government” Sachs & JP “More Money”, Always saying it’s time to BUY while They are the ones You are Buying FROM!! …I May be early on some, but WAITING for GG, GPL, AXU, AU, SSRI, PVG, NG, AKG, MVG, CDE, KGC, GORO, FCX, TCK (Institutions must have bought those 2_FCX & TCK —the First to DUMP, once gold//silver Corrects!!) SLW, TAHO maybe EXK, and SVMLF..EGO ..adding to PLG, ASM, PGLC, SAND …might wait until late June-early July!! We’ll See ….I Didn’t SHORT …but Oh Well! ..Can’t Do It ALL! …there was a lot going on ..and Much “STATIC” …at Least I Sold into a Fast Peaking RALLY ——Looking at LEAPS For many of Those–Buy Some then add Leaps


  25. Justin May 25, 2016

    Your schedule and projected price for gold will result in a massive parabola that can be seen on a 100 year price chart. As such, we are at the turning point into the final rally to the top, just as we were in ’76/77 to the ’80 parabolic top and again in ’01/02 to the ’11 parabolic top. In those prior instances, the price action stayed close to the parabolic line after the turning point before the final manic acceleration to the top. The same should happen here, where the parabola will follow somewhat accordingly: end of 2016 $1,200/oz.; 2017 $1,400/oz.; 2018 $1,600/oz.; 2019 $2,400/oz.; 2020/2021 $5,000/oz. This is not a prediction nor a prescription, just a transcription based on what you say is coming.


  26. Bill May 25, 2016

    Larry, What’s your take on Brexit as it fast approaches? Seems the related market fear / anxiety related to Brexit may fit well with your prognosis of gold bottoming end of May / early June then gold shoot to the moon! BTW: thanks for the tip on JNUG end of last year. I made an over 10% gain in a quick trade last week. Apparently when gold shoots to the moon JNUG will be in the Andromeda galaxy!


  27. Danny M May 25, 2016

    Your calls are spot on!! I’m looking forward to the buy signal. I see how other advisors have advocated jumping in recently, not mentioning the period of consolidation YOU forecast. I have my truck ready to back up when you give the signal!! Thanks


  28. Nick May 25, 2016

    Good call Larry, that was gutsy but you stuck to your model.
    What about leveraged ETF,s any thoughts on it?


  29. Richard Davis May 25, 2016

    I’m hanging in there, Larry. I have some inverse ETFs to keep me warm while I wait for this next correction in the metals to pass.

    Thank you for your integrity and steadfastness.


  30. Tom May 25, 2016

    Dear Larry: I have approximately 50K in Numismatic Gold coins since early 2009. I am wondering, once Gold hits 5000 should I consider selling or just leave the gold for my child.


    • Mike May 26, 2016

      If you’re talking about pristine gold coins graded by a service, placed in a plastic holder and priced well above spot you may as well be in tulips. If you are talking about ungraded circulated gold coins priced at spot plus a few dollars you’re talking about gold.


  31. Arem May 25, 2016

    Larry: Yes, I certainly do remember your “warning” about PM and mining shares! In fact, I had just gone through one of your longer “Promos” (for lack of a better term) with considerable interest – and precisely because what YOU were saying was running directly contrary to what so many BIG NAMES were saying at that very time (and ever since). I won’t “name names”, but (figuratively speaking) everybody was jumping onto the Bandwagon about “bottom is in, get yours now, manipulation is over, market forces have prevailed” & etc. And even more than that, when (hedge fund) Billionaires not only chime in their accord/support but also announce that they’re the backers behind new bullion-based ventures and new online platforms to bring “PM Investing” to The Little Guy (with monthly cash flow-generating storage, audit and insurance fees applicable, of course), I couldn’t help but “see” RED FLAGS FLYING and “hear” KLAXONS BLARING! I chose to heed; I liquidated my tiny holdings for a slim profit, and went to cash – where I continue to sit, content to “await” the further downward drift that you forecast. And here we are!, “slip-sliding away” (Paul Simon’s lyric readily coming to mind.) I, too, subscribe to a few fee-paid advisories (but not yours, yet), and ALL (save one) jumped on that BUY NOW Bandwagon and inundated me for weeks (and still are) with multiple daily solicitations to subscribe to this-or-that editor’s publication for THE BEST PM/MINER ADVICE AVAILABLE lest I “miss out” at the start of this “next bull run” (like I did the last time!) at the current “beaten-down prices” of these “hated hard-asset assets!” Uh-huh. ‘Bit that APPLE once before (early 2011) and got slaughtered for five straight months (into Feb 2012.) For what it’s worth to y’all bothering to read this post of mine, JUST SAYIN’ ya may care to pay more attention to Edelson. He’s definitely got MINE.


  32. Ron m May 25, 2016

    please send me info on the gold and silver mkt, and what I reports I can read before I join thank u


  33. Victor May 25, 2016

    Saying gold will go to $5,000/oz is meaningless without inflation correlation. O% interest rates are upsetting but if the interest rate is 8%, par for 30 yr T-bond contract, but inflation is 12%, the effective interest rate is negative 4%. Federal Reserve notes were bad enough but crypto currencies created from computer algorithms is beyond comprehension.In the interim people will flock to precious metals causing a price rise. The actual worth of the conversion currency will be questionable.


  34. JR May 25, 2016

    I see a role here for averaging in. I would like to see Larry include that strategy in some way as it provides another form of “investment” for longer durations during uncertain times.


  35. Howard S. May 25, 2016

    Larry, I have followed you for a number of years. Your Macro views are usually spot on.

    On a micro basis however the rise in silver and gold since the end of December, even with the current pullback has given the miners (NOT THE BULLION) a hugh push. Many of my miners are up 200-300%. This allowed for taking profits and holding the rest as a “free ride”. Meaningful profits already captured. Other folks could do the same if they have trailing stops.

    I just sit here waiting your “back up the truck” signal and will redouble my holdings in the free rides and others.


  36. Frederic May 25, 2016

    Larry you are the only specialist I listen to now because you have proven me wrong many times. I’m always skeptical but I actually act on your advise now. Thank you very much, I see we are in Phase 3 now. I’m keeping a close eye on Japan!


  37. Jim May 25, 2016

    Oil is $49 this morning. $50 by the end of the month? Great call! Jim


  38. Christopher May 25, 2016

    Larry, You hit it Right on the nose, dates and all… Amazing to watch it all unfold. Your advise is worth your weight in Gold! Thanks so much.


  39. Chuck Frusterio May 25, 2016

    Good morning Larry – Thank you for helping the small investor to become a wealthy investor with your insight. I appreciate you “holding our hand” through the crazy market. Most give up because they get too discouraged and have no experienced guidance or can’t afford it.

    I appreciate you letting us know what to buy, when to buy it, when to sell it, etc. I know you are still human and only God knows what is coming down the road, but He has given you insight to help others succeed and inturn help bless others. Thank you Larry! Chuck


  40. Bob Drummond May 25, 2016

    At the end of the day it is up to you to put your nickel on the number. You have to make your own decisions and take your own chances.

    Larry, thanks for hour help providing valuable insight toward making my decisions.


  41. Bill Nabers May 25, 2016

    I have been following you for several years. I talked to a banker yesterday and told him that I am a subscriber of yours and mentioned that you are right on with your current views regarding gold. I am totally convinced that your prediction on the price of gold will not only be correct but I am ready to get back into the market. . The price of gold is following your prediction to the letter.


  42. Mark May 25, 2016

    We all made lots of money on the way up and now stopped out, we wait for a buy signal from you or the market. You make it sound like you invented trading!


  43. john herzberg May 25, 2016



  44. doc May 25, 2016

    The problem with leveraged etf’s is the decay rate. Can you please give us an average weekly decay rate for 2x and 3x etf’s?


    • Doug May 25, 2016

      Take advantage of decay. If you are not in a IRA, short the inverse for up moves. For down moves, short 2 and 3x ups.


  45. bob May 25, 2016

    George it could make a difference of 20-30% in the mining shares which is not to be sniffed at.

    I am 50% in cash now waiting for $1160-80


  46. Phil May 25, 2016

    Sorry, “whose”, not “who’s”.


  47. Jack May 25, 2016

    So far so good on your gold call. I have been following you for 5+ years and contrary to what you say, I have seen you make some very bad calls during that time. I hope you are right this time and gold goes down to at least 1180. Time will tell.


  48. Virgil May 25, 2016

    How about updating the chart? It still shows gold @ 1250 on May 1st.


  49. Shawn May 25, 2016

    Hi Larry ! I think now Your prediction of pullback on gold is coming so let me know plz when to get in. Thank You


  50. Angelo May 25, 2016

    Larry thanks a lot for this message. Are you planning to enter again in FCX on the pullback? And AEM ? Thanks again


  51. george stewart May 25, 2016

    Larry- Good call on the “slide into late May”! But I still don’t see where someone who buys here at $1,224.00 vs buying at $1,160.00 makes such a bad mistake on the way to $5,000.00. The percentage in gain difference is not profound. Sure- better to buy in at the bottom, but if you’re in it for a few years or more, it’s not a disaster. Just my 2 cents. Sincerely, George Stewart


  52. sandman May 25, 2016

    Seeing what you are seeing. Good call!


  53. James May 25, 2016

    June will be a boom time for the ECB and European economy as one of the biggest sporting events in the world is held in Europe.


  54. lynn May 25, 2016

    Never follow the herd.


  55. Bob May 25, 2016

    Larry- thanks for taking time for a message to reinforce your prediction. It helps tune out
    the noise from the “Metals Experts”. I have been & will be sticking with you.
    “Keep On Keeping On”.


  56. Stu May 25, 2016

    Let’s see, stocks to 31000 , stock market crashing , buy gold, don’t buy gold , inflation, deflation, stagflation, buy property , don’t buy property, move to cash yada yada yada !!!!! The only thing I know for sure is that I don’t know anything anymore. To say I’m confused might be an understatement. Right now I’m heavy to cash so it will make it easier for the govt to confiscate it.


    • Frederic May 25, 2016

      LOL! Oh man I know how you feel!


  57. Fred May 25, 2016

    Gutsy calls make heros and champions.

    Harkened of wisdom like “know yourself” and “be true to your self”.


    Did I hear right that you went to Columbia College? If so, when?


  58. Larry May 25, 2016

    Larry – thank you for your clear, focused honesty. I subscribe to other newsletters (as I’m sure many of your readers do) and I am amazed how they all have jumped on the bandwagon – promoting their private (sure fire to riches – secrets/formulas) to take advantage of the 1st rally in gold with no suggestion/warning as to how the cycles can and do perform. All suggest we get ALL IN – especially with their reco’s. Because of your advice I have already sold many issues at the biggest profit %’s that I have ever experienced in my lifetime! I must admit – that I did get extremely lucky and bought numerous options on gold stocks I already held (under water) in the middle of Jan. and cashed out about a month ago. I could have never had the courage or vision to do that had I not been following your advice. Once again, THANK YOU! I await the next opportunity to go at it again – hopefully for a chance at even greater results for myself and my family!


  59. Karin May 25, 2016

    Thanks a lot for your input. As always it’s interesting. In the past months I’ve tried to make
    a few dollars based on your advice. (And I really mean a few dollars.) I’ve made lots of mistakes, buying the wrong instruments, buying at the wrong time at the wrong price.
    Since I haven’t risked a fortune I’ve tried to correct them as best I could and kept going, studying different charts, tried to calculate both timing and price, using your predictions as a guideline.

    It seems I finally managed to buy something not horrendously expensive. The next challenge i selling…:-)

    Thanks for writing 1 item a week, and not 55:-)



  60. Jim Giesler May 25, 2016

    Larry, whether or not I “like” your advice on a particular day is irrelevant to me. I read everything you write because I know you will give me your best advice day in and day out, no matter what. Besides, if I weren’t a bit of a contrarian in the first place, I probably wouldn’t be following you. So keep it coming, contrary or not. No complaints here.


  61. antonio s May 25, 2016

    Larry, I did not follow your advise in 2013 and bought gold at $1600.00, recently I jumped in too early and bought DUST options at $4.00 so I am losing in that deal but hopefully I will recover my money; on the other hand I’ve had some very good trades so no complains. Thanks for the good advise.


    • Samuel May 25, 2016

      If you purchased options on DUST you got busted with the reverse split?


      • angelo May 27, 2016

        gdx is doing not bad even when gld is sliding so much