Our new gold forecast: Don’t be shocked!

Martin here with an urgent forecast not only on gold, but also silver, oil and four other commodities.

Just minutes ago, we uploaded all our new forecasts with a recording of our emergency briefing, New Supercycle Profits.

Watch it now, and in less than a half-hour …

You’ll walk away with our immediate and long-term predictions for the next moves in gold, silver, oil and four other commodities.

You’ll have our clear timing estimates for when they will hit bottom (some just days from now).

You’ll have our firm price targets for a major blast-off phase to begin soon thereafter.

And we’ll also give you precise projections on how much money can be made in each.

Here’s the key: Over the past few months, we’ve told you that we’re in for a roller coaster ride through hell …

That the era in which governments could amass debt with impunity is ending …

And that a new era in which mankind pays the price for these debts is beginning.

It will be an era of gargantuan government debts going bust. An era where the very essence of what government is all about will come into question.

It will be an era of currency wars, trade wars, civil uprisings, civil wars, and international wars.

And it will be an era of more government repression. Authoritarianism. Fascism. Leading to reduced privacy, reduced freedoms, reduced returns on your capital.

No, it is not a pretty picture. According to our research, this is the first time the world has faced such a period of possible debt defaults in major nations since at least the Great Depression.

There will be similarities and differences between now and then. In terms of similarities, we will see economies and governments reel. We’re already seeing turmoil in the Middle East, Europe, South Asia and East Asia.

We see separatist movements gaining momentum overseas, like in Catalonia, where 90% have voted to secede from Spain. Or in Italy, where there are at least THREE powerful separatist movements — in Venice, in north Italy, in Sicily. Or in Belgium, where the Flemish-speaking half of the nation is almost at war with the French-speaking half.

Yet throughout it all, there are shining lights of hope for those in the know — beacons of light that will help you grow and protect your money like never before.

That is, provided you keep an open mind, provided you realize that the world is changing, and you use the lessons of history as your guide. That’s what we do.

We predicted the troubles overseas would create a tidal wave of flight capital, and they did.

We predicted that the money would flow to the safest safe haven in the world, the United States, and it did.

We told you this tidal wave of capital would drive the U.S. stock market to all-time highs, and that has indeed happened.

We also told you that Europe would be among the first to fall, creating tremendous profit opportunities. And now, that forecast is also beginning to unfold.

Now, it’s time to make major profits from all of these forecasts as they come true one by one.

We just told subscribers how in our emergency briefing a few moment ago. If you missed it, click here for the recording which is now ready for your viewing online.

Good luck and God bless!



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Comments 9

  1. John McWilliams October 5, 2018

    Title is misleading. Where are the gold and silver price targets?


  2. Jean Kovalewski December 23, 2017

    from Antwerp (Flanders) Belgium

    My dear Martin,

    there is some political tension from time between our politicians, but most of the time they compromise in the end.
    As a matter of fact -in wintertime, when there is some snowfall in the Ardens – a lot of Flemish people take off to the south of Belgium ( aka Wallonia) to do some skiing. There are exchange programs in our schools between North and South and a lot of Flemish folks spend their vacations in beautifull Wallonia. Its realy nice in the woods overthere. Dont burden us with an ‘almost war’ situation.
    I advise you to connect with better informed people because at the moment you are telling lies at your subscribers. If you want to be better informed you can contact me
    greetings from a very peacefull Belgium
    Jean Kovalewski


  3. Frank Garcia December 11, 2017

    It is very depressing, we carefully select where to purchase our gold and silver and after
    saving and investing, the metals are manipulated, kept at low prices! I like the metals and
    believe that someone or some investigative agency should start filing charges against the
    banksters for they are the manipulators. Why aren’t our politicians or the respective
    bank regulators taking action? This has been going on for many years, but it is wrong and
    it’s against the law! Prosecute the bank cartel, pass it on to other stackers, call your
    representatives and when enough of us put enough pressure on our politicians, they’ll start
    doing something about it. Commerce and PM demand should dictate PM price, not banks!
    This month is a good time to start, call, call, voice your complaint against the Crooked banks!
    To win we have to fight as they have rigged the PM market and the playing field is not fair
    to us. The banksters have stolen everyone’s money and are extremely wealthy, we on the other hand, just want to invest and hopefully, make a little money to improve our lives! The
    banks are unbelievably greedy. Remember, if you don’t take action and call your representative in Congress, no one else will! If you want to earn with your PMs, CALL !!!
    Frank Garcia


  4. Jim Wilson December 9, 2017

    J Rickards has recommended WPM and SAND for gold investments, I like GLD, SLV, COPX, PALL, SPPP, FTSSF, LIT & OIL for these commodity investments. In 2008, I shifted the majority of my losing portfolio into GLD & SLV and it saved my butt and doubled my portfolio. What are your thoughts on these and do you have any other suggestions?


    • Bart Snow December 12, 2017

      If Jim Rickards recomended it go the opposite.


  5. H. Craig Bradley December 8, 2017




  6. Martha Yanchyshyn December 7, 2017

    Please provide transcripts of your recordings. Fast internet is not available where I live.


  7. tcrodder December 6, 2017

    what are the #1 picks for gold,silver,litumin,copper, cobalt,?
    thank you


  8. General Sow December 6, 2017

    My charts always have numeric integers so One can see the numbers as plain as day, how come yours don’t ?