Now Boarding: The Gold Rocket!

I’ve just received word from my publisher, Martin Weiss, that he’s rushing home from Asia to join me in an emergency online conference this coming Tuesday, Sept. 12.

The topic is a shocking prediction for October and how you can turn it into a tremendous wealth-building opportunity. Since you’re a member of The Edelson Institute, there’s no cost to you. But to get instructions for attending, you do have to register. (You can do that easily online by going here.)

The timing for the conference couldn’t be better. Indeed, even as I write this, a whirlwind of fears and forces are coming together. And now, some of these fears are so in-your-face obvious that even establishment analysts are talking about them.

North Korean nukes. A shaky economic system. Financial black swans. For these reasons, and more, talking heads on TV are making conservative predictions about where gold is going. They’re wrong. They. Just. Don’t. Think. Big. Enough. And I’ll prove it to you. In four charts.

First, let’s start with the cyclical nature of gold. This is something the late Larry Edelson and I both made money off of, so listen closely.

Gold is cyclical. And the cycle now is up.

Sure, gold will suffer short-term corrections. That’s not the kind of cycle I’m talking about.

I’ll use a chart of the Philadelphia Gold & Silver Index (XAU), a basket of leading miners, to illustrate what I AM talking about. I’m using miners, not gold, because the big cycle is easier to see in miners. That’s because miners are leveraged to the metal. They outdo the metal on both the upside and the downside.

Remember that point. We’ll come back to it. It’s on the test.

Anyway, here’s a chart of the XAU over a long-term frame. The green sections are bull markets. The yellow sections are bear markets.


You can see that gold and miners enter regular up and down cycles. The up cycles are longer and bigger than the down cycles. And we’re in an up cycle now. It started in January of last year.

Does that mean you missed your entry? Buddy, this profit party hasn’t started. This bull market should last for years to come!

Let’s take a look at the second half of that big-picture time frame. Specifically, at what happened — and is happening — in the metal. Gold.


Gold had a nice long run from 2001 to 2011. Then it entered a bear market until 2016. It started higher, but until recently, it still hadn’t broken its big downtrend.

Guess what? That downtrend is broken now. And that opens the door to the next stage of this big bull market.

Now, high can gold go? I’m going to show you another indicator that has had gold bulls excited since earlier this year. “The Golden Cross.”

The Golden Cross is when the 50-day moving average crosses above the 200-day moving average. It’s an indicator of price action, momentum, and sentiment. How well this indicator works depends on the instrument. But it works GREAT with gold.

And look what happened the last time gold experienced The Golden Cross.


The last time gold experienced The Golden Cross was the start of a big, BIG move. From the cross in March 2002 to the next peak in August 2011, gold moved 530%.

What would a similar move today give us? This is where all the TV talkers get it wrong. They. Just. Don’t. Think. Big. Enough.

Here’s the scoop: A similar move today would see gold rise to around $7,420.

Holy moly! And what might you think that would do to gold miners?

Remember, I told you that gold miners are leveraged to the metal. So, they tend to outdo gold and miners on the downside and the upside.

Guess what: Miners STILL haven’t recovered from all they gave up on the downside. This next chart illustrates my point.


From the peak of the last bull market, gold went way down. It’s up a bit, but still down nearly 14%. But gold miners got crushed. Pulverized! Flattened! And despite some great gains in 2016 and 2017, miners are STILL down more than 60%.

So, what do you think miners will do as gold rockets to $7,420 an ounce?

I think they’ll do better than average.

Heck, I think gold miner gains could be extraordinary!

I believe they could be going to the moon. And buddy, you want to be onboard that rocket ship.

This big gold bull cycle is part of a larger series of cycles going on right now. Cycles that will cause and will be triggered by economic, financial and debt earthquakes that will ripple around the globe before coming back to hit right here at home.

You have some time. But not much time. And now, NOW is the time to prepare yourself and your portfolio.

Change is coming. Whether you’re prepared or not will dictate whether you will prosper … or feel the pain.

Be prepared. If you want to learn more about how, be sure to join us next Tuesday. First, though, you’ve got to register.

Think big, my friend. And profit even bigger.

All the best,


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Comments 14

  1. Zoltar October 10, 2017

    Will Silver ever get back to 16oz of Silver to 1oz of Gold?


  2. lee stockhamer September 12, 2017

    The whole concept of “backing up the truck” is faulty and is a poor trading/investing strategy.
    An ex Comex denizen and trader.


  3. mkj90620 September 11, 2017

    Seems like a lot of interest in Bitcoins,as alternative to fiat currencies.Back in the late 1970’s,when gold demand and prices soared, there wasn’t a lot of competition to hedge against falling fiat currencies.


  4. Dick Braatz September 9, 2017

    This like a TV serial drama. Who shot J.R.?
    If anything, it is addictive and keeps me interested. Dick B


  5. BillM13 September 9, 2017

    You are right. It is just a matter of time.


  6. Stephen Ettinger September 8, 2017

    To Mike Burnick,
    We have all waited close to 2 years to be told by Larry and now you when it is stime to back up the truck and get in on Great Buying opportunities in the Metals market. We keep reading it, month after month. You told us to buy into AUY, and then dump it. Since, it has been on a tear. Is it time to jump in now before the Truck drives away leaving us behind? – We took a big hit on AUY. Now it is taking off, and I want to know is it time to jump in and recoup som of those losses? thanks.

    Steve Ettinger


    • luther September 9, 2017

      Are you going to be selling,pushing ,pitching,insisting,to buy,buy,buy,another service or will there be another fee based offer to get in on the last fortune making opertunity before the financial world collapses!!!
      Please not that again and again for 3 days of listening to get a final OFFER to enroll now before the OFFER closes.
      Finally please offer something substantial to make it worth our time for 3 days of listening to you.


      • Christopher Jones September 11, 2017

        I agree with you.
        Got to keep on top of the pros and cons.
        Use some common sense and on a small scale do the opposite of what the so called pros are telling you.
        It’s a game…….
        Try shorting gold on the Miner’s small plays and you will understand.
        I got trapped in backing up the truck loading up on gold mining shares and took a major hit
        Since then I’ve been shorting gold only after a two day run up and slowly recouping some funds back.
        Got out of my shorts today as the roller coaster ride continues.
        At this point in time for the future gold will only go lower.
        Don’t be fooled with all the hype.
        Still learning the hard way…….


  7. JAAP ROMEYN September 8, 2017

    On 13-1-2017 the late mister Edelson/weiss Inst
    a chart showing a top (gold price) in JULY 2017, and a bottom
    starting in the last months of 2017, with a bottom in the beginning o 2018
    Is that not very much different from what we see, and your forecast????
    Sincerely jaap


  8. James September 7, 2017

    Whereabouts in this boom, recession, depression, recovery and growth cycles are we at? What’s gonna GDP at factor costs, and GDP at market prices? Is this gonna cause growth in the solow steady state residual? Is there gonna be economies of scale in the cobbe Douglas production function? Will the advantages of large scale production outweigh the disadvantages of large scale production? Is there gonna be a gold tranche? A return to the gold bullion standard? We are possibly in for one of the greatest gold rushes the world economy has ever seen? Are we in for another rollercoaster ride of an economy through the next five years, similar to what we have had the last 5 to 10 years. Will there be growth in the steady state residual? Are we in for another massive boom then followed by a big bust lolz. What’s gonna happen to net factor income, and foreign direct investment? Will there be more multi national companies setting up in Ireland and the rest of Europe. Who knows but that’s part of the fun of the mystery of the world economy that we live in. Theirs new Kuznets cycles forming as we speak.


  9. Marina September 6, 2017

    …. And, silver stocks, presumably, as well. Thank you.


  10. M. Fife September 6, 2017

    So is this going to be yet another expensive trading service? We need our own chart to keep track of them all.


  11. robert perri September 6, 2017

    Heard it before but I do hope your right.
    Bob Perri


  12. Brian Lloyd September 6, 2017

    I have registered but I hope I will be able to stream the video conference sometime after as I will not be available to watch during this period