Expect Gold to Soar Again When Investors Least Expect It!

Readers have a lot to say about the next buying opportunity in precious metals. That isn’t surprising. So many investors are waiting – impatiently – for the next major move up in gold, silver and mining stocks.

But as I stated last week, the E-Wave cycles tell us to expect another correction in gold first. Now, gold bulls may not want to hear this. Especially not with gold trading back above $1,300 an ounce last week and again today.

The thing is, though, you just can’t force the market to do what you want.

And the message from the market indicators I follow is clear: Expect a better buying opportunity next month, at more-attractive prices.

Still, I’m beginning to see the puzzle pieces falling into place as needed to mark a bottom … and a long-awaited buying opportunity … in gold.

First, retail investors are beginning to lose faith even as gold rallies back above $1,300, as you can see in the chart below. And from a contrarian perspective, that’s music to my ears.

Over the last few weeks, investors pulled $546.2 million out of the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD). That’s the biggest net selling by mom-and-pop gold investors since July. This tells me that the odd-lotters are getting discouraged.

Second, gold coin sales are shrinking in the United States. According to the U.S. Mint, sales are down by two-thirds in the first nine months of 2017 from the same period last year.

Third, hedge funds have been steadily cutting their net-long exposure to gold futures for the past four weeks in a row. The so-called “smart money” crowd usually gets it wrong. And sure enough, they threw in the towel yet again … just before gold rallied back above $1,300.

Taken together, this is great news. That’s because lasting bottoms are built on negative investor sentiment, not bullish sentiment.

I’m hoping for investor sentiment to turn even more bearish in the weeks ahead. That would mark the ultimate bottom … and set the stage for a massive rally in gold just when most investors least expect it.

Bottom line: We’re getting very close to the buying opportunity of a lifetime in precious metals. But we’re not there just yet. Later this week, in my upcoming issue of Real Wealth Report, I lay out the likely timing of the next uptrend in gold, and the best investment strategy to profit from it.

Good investing,

Mike Burnick

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  1. ROBERT YOUNG October 30, 2018

    I will be watching.


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  3. terry shead November 30, 2017

    Myself I have been in precious metals since 2013, just waiting.


  4. terry shead October 26, 2017

    What happens, say your stock is priced in Canadian dollars and the currency collapse’s.
    What happens to your stock?


  5. Charles Wrigley October 23, 2017

    Been hearing of “coming gold boom” since I bought miners & ETFs in August 2016. Patience?


  6. Mark H October 21, 2017

    The fundamentals of supply/demand, debt, E-wave cycles, volatility, wars, terror attacks, inflation or any other influence is irrelevant. The only factor controlling the price of metals is the corrupt Federal Reserve and their global bullion banks. They illegally fix prices through massive naked short positions, suppressing fair market value. Those of us who invested in gold/silver are wasting time and capital investing in a corrupt, rigged market run by racketeering extortionist. Until someone goes to jail, the fraud will continue and we all know that will never happen.


    • Marina H. December 1, 2017

      Mark H. Patience is a virtue. Gold and silver will reach unheard of levels in our lifetime. Be patient and it will pay off. Very big !!!


  7. Jack R. October 21, 2017

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    They created SmartGold Club where members buy gold and silver. Balance gets written into personal member’s chip card safe and encrypted. At the same time Club buys amount of physical gold and silver and stores it in secure storage far away from uncle Sam’s greedy fingers. As I see it dislocated storage is a big advantage. If one still wants some physical metal at home order on-line. There are plenty of standard gold dealers.
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    On one page they explain difference between saving physical metal and Bitcoin. I got that, BTC will turn one day into total crap and people will lose a lot of money. Gold and silver are forever. Most people want gold but they say that silver has much higher upside. I guess take both is a best option.
    I think I got everything right. It’s amazing system. Secured with banking/military kind of encryption and better than that. They don’t trust cell phones and apps. I guess NSA and IRS already have copy of everybody’s phone by now. They wrote that no hardware (servers) is located in North America. What else, they have secure messenger built-in, you can simply send amount of dollars and they will buy maximum amount of gold or silver for that money.
    And here is a good one: you can buy and create a gift card and give meaningful present to someone using the system! Somebody is having birthday, graduation or getting married kind of thing and you buy gift card and transfer from your own card what you want to startup somebody’s wealth. Good part is next year on next birthday you simply send more metal to your relative’s or friend’s card. No more searching for perfect present. This one is the best present one can ever want.
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    • Jack R. October 21, 2017

      Hey, something else. They say, NEVER, ever buy paper gold or silver. It will turn into crap guaranteed.


    • Marina H. December 1, 2017

      Jack, private vaults which hold the bullion are out there, as well. Overseas. In complete safety. One can sleep at night knowing that your physical gold/silver bars are in complete safety and properly allocated. Insured. With a certificate of ownership itemizing each numbered gold/silver bar.


  8. James October 17, 2017

    Inverse etfs are the key. Low risk securities issued by the us government in the form of t-bills or treasury bills are also cognisant. There’s gonna be a boom. So there will be a boom in leveraged etfs, unleveraged etfs, mining stock, futures and options. If we have a put option we need to put someone else in charge. Currently we are in a boom, recession, depression, recovery and growth economic cycle. Enjoy the boom, its gonna be an even bigger boom than the last boom. By all means purchase gold if you can get it for less than 1100 dollars an ounce. Keep an eye out for inverse etfs. Thats where the big money is to be made.


  9. H. Craig Bradley October 17, 2017

    Give me a call when gold spots at $800/ounce. Then and only then may it be time to finally “back up the truck”, as last.


    • Richard October 17, 2017

      Gold will not fall to $800 in your lifetime. It costs an average of about $1100 an ounce to produce. If the price falls below that production will reduce dramatically (only the miners with lowest production costs will continue). And then the law of supply and demand will come into play to keep the price up. If you can buy gold anywhere near $1100 you will make money.


  10. brian October 16, 2017



  11. H. Craig Bradley October 16, 2017

    Just Tell me when to buy gold.