Urgent new Buy Recommendations

Today is my 71st birthday, but I’ve told Elisabeth I want no fuss and no party. I’m too busy with urgent new buy recommendations.

For months, I’ve been warning about two imminent crises — a dangerous escalation in the Korean crisis and a rapid deterioration in U.S.-Russian relations. Now it’s happening in aces and spades. And I can assure you, it’s not an occasion for celebration.

Right now, even as I write these words, President Trump has just told world leaders gathered at the U.N. General Assembly that the U.S will totally destroy North Korea if necessary.

But Vladimir Putin was not among them. He couldn’t attend, they say, because he had to stay home. He had to oversee massive — and deliberately threatening — military exercises on the border with the Baltic States, our mostly defenseless NATO allies.

Meanwhile, Moscow’s Foreign Minister has just announced he’s getting ready to order deeper cuts in American diplomatic personnel in Russia — even beyond the 455 that were already ordered to leave by September 1.

This new slap on the United States is billed strictly as “tit-for-tat retaliation” for the recent closings of Russian facilities in San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and New York. Maybe. But it’s also one more slide down the slippery slope of a break in diplomatic relations, a prelude to possible war.

I warned you about this. I told you last December how dangerous it was. Plus, as I’ve stressed over and over again, it’s these kinds of crises that are driving a tsunami of fear money into U.S. markets — especially into the kinds of stocks we’re getting ready to recommend.

Plus, there’s another reason I’m so busy today. We’ve had a tremendously enthusiastic response to our new e-book, Countdown to Armageddon. And in the last chapter, it includes an invitation to join our new Supercycle Investor service. So to help welcome new members on board and hit the ground running, Sean Brodrick and I are heads-down preparing new recommendations.

One big trend that Sean predicted long ago is the shift from the combustion engine to electric cars. Now it’s a great megatrend that’s sweeping the global auto industry. And one of the sectors that’s been a huge, direct beneficiary of that megatrend is miners specialized in the metals needed for electric car batteries.

Cobalt is a prime example. So it should come as no surprise that a cobalt miner Sean recommended this past June is already up more than 100%.

This company has the only cobalt mine coming online next year. On its latest rally of the last few days, trading volume has improved very nicely. And just yesterday, its share price gapped higher. All signs of investor enthusiasm and a lot more to come. So this week, we plan to send out a fresh buy signal.

Several other companies named in our Countdown to Armageddon e-book, also in the industrial metals sector, are doing even better. Solitario Zinc is up 114%. Century Aluminum is up 566%. A third company in the sector is up 719%. And two others are up more than 1,000%. Again, a careful analysis of the cycles will be our best guide to entry points for new members.

Gold mines are also on a tear. And in this particular sector, the correction that our short-term cycle work predicted has started right on cue. That’s going to give new investors a very convenient opening to jump in at a good price.

The more important cycle to watch is far bigger. It’s the Supercycle Sean has written about extensively ever since he first joined Larry and me at Weiss Research many years ago.

A while back, when we predicted a surge in gold, his favorite miners like Premier Gold, Richmont Mines, Chesapeake Gold, Allied Nevada and six others enjoyed gains ranging from 324% to 2,295%. So now, we’re taking a hard, new look at his favorites list, replacing some and adding new ones. Barring some major unforeseen surprise, we believe they have a very good chance of achieving similar kinds of gains.

Coming soon thereafter: A series of urgent recommendations for select ETFs that are THE most likely to enjoy the biggest gains thanks to the money Tsunami.

All this could be a very good chance for you to make very good money. But no matter what you decide to do, please don’t waste precious time sending me birthday wishes. Save those for a big round number, like my 80th. ?

Instead, let me give you four valuable references you can put to good use right now.

1. As you may know, last week, Sean and I held three emergency subscriber conferences about these opportunities. The video recordings are here.

2. If you prefer everything in writing, no worries — we also transcribed all three sessions word for word. To download the pdf file with the full transcript, or to read it online, use this link.

3. The e-book I mentioned, Countdown to Armageddon, has been remarkably well received by subscribers. It will soon go on sale to the public for $29.95. But right now, Weiss/Edelson members can still read it online for free. It’s at this web page.

4. If you’ve already reviewed these materials and just want to go straight to the application page for our Supercycle Investor, click here.

That’s where you can get the tremendous Early-Bird discount (84% off) before it expires today at 5 PM Eastern.

Good luck and God bless!


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