Urgent: Global Turmoil Spreading Rapidly. Immediate Action to Take Today

I was just in Japan, Italy, Turkey, Russia, India and multiple trouble spots around the world.

Everywhere, I met with investors of all stripes.

Everywhere, I saw signs of imminent financial turmoil, political upheaval, or both.

And for everyone, it was obvious that the investment implications are enormous.

Immediately after I returned, I huddled with Edelson Institute cycles expert Sean Brodrick. His findings, based on the upcoming convergence of four economic cycles with the cycle of war, matched mine to a tee.

But you don’t have to be an expert to see the urgency of what’s happening. Just turn on your TV or go to Google News. The pattern — of spreading economic instability, political turmoil and violence — bursts immediately into clear view.

Just within the last 27 days, North Korea has tested its first hydrogen bomb … launched two long-range ICBMs over Japan … promised to “sink Japan” into the ocean … vowed to turn America to “ashes and darkness” … and, just this past Friday, threatened to explode another hydrogen bomb — this time in Pacific Ocean.

This shock-and-awe chest-pounding may sometimes overshadow other shocking events in other countries. But those are no less important …

Japan’s government is about to pile up huge amounts of new debt for a surge in defense spending. Snap elections, expected next month, could sink its bond market.

In the UK, domestic terror attacks are accelerating even as Theresa May stumbles in every effort to navigate Brexit without sabotaging the economy.

Top: Turkish tanks ready to put down Kurdish rebellion. Bottom: Protesters in Manila burn likeness of President Duterte and Adolf Hitler.

Turkey, a critical NATO ally, is on the verge of civil war. Within days, neighboring Kurdistan will hold an independence referendum, fomenting rebellion by minority Kurds on the Turkish side of the border. President Erdoğan, now a self-declared dictator, is sending in tanks.

The Philippines, supposedly a major U.S. ally, has suddenly shifted its allegiance to China. President Rodrigo Duterte, also assuming dictatorial powers, could be on the verge of declaring martial law. Thousands are flooding the streets in the largest protests since Duterte took office. They are calling for his demise, setting fire to his image and confronting hundreds of riot police.

Iran, in an act of defiance against the United States, has just announced that it will move swiftly to boost its missile capabilities. India has just named Pakistan “Terroristan.” Russia has just threatened to target U.S.-backed fighters in Syria.

But don’t get lost in the trees. Instead, rise above the fray and consider these eight surprising facts about the financial storm we see dead-ahead:

Fact #1. The economic cycles we study — and that we base our major forecasts on — accurately predicted the Great Depression in 1929 and every major economic event since.

These are the very same cycles that enabled us to predict, well ahead of time, the beginning of gold’s greatest bull market in 1999 as well as the exact top for the yellow metal (within two weeks) in 2011.

Over the years, these cycles also enabled us to predict the great stock market crash of 1987 … the Tech Wreck of 2000 … the credit crisis and Great Recession of 2008-’09 … and the explosive recovery in stocks that we’ve seen since.

Fact #2. These powerful cycles are now forming a pattern we have rarely seen take shape in our lifetimes. On October 31st of this year — just 36 days from today — they will converge, forming a great Supercycle. (Click here to read our latest report, just posted to our website.)

That date will mark the end of the current era … in which governments could amass obscene amounts of debt with impunity … and the beginning a new era. One where mankind pays the price for those debts.

Fact #3. In this new phase, many bond investors, who have loaned governments the money they need to pay their bills, will phase out their bond purchases and actually begin selling government bonds.

As a result, these governments will simply run out of money.

Ultimately, social programs and entitlements payments will be delayed and, in many cases, curtailed. Many who rely on pensions, government healthcare, food aid and other kinds of state-supplied payments will be left twisting in the wind.

Fact #4. As this plague of defaults sweeps across Japan to Europe and later to the United States, it will crush governments, currencies and investment markets worldwide. Social unrest, civil war and international wars, already on the rise, will spread.

The years 2017 through 2022 will be a nightmare of historical proportions for most. The human toll will be devastating. Millions of investors worldwide will be wiped out, left penniless, vulnerable and alone. In the worst trouble spots, cities will burn.

Fact #5. A tsunami of flight capital will flow from the world’s hot spots to the world’s safest safe havens, especially the United States. This fear money will drive up American stocks and real estate even as other assets around the world fall. Ultimately, however, the crisis will also strike the U.S.

Fact #6. The realities on the ground validate this warning in spades: Japan’s government is in debt to the tune of 1.1 quadrillion yen. A staggering 22 of the 28 nations in the EU are racing toward their own debt collapses. And the U.S. government is on the hook for at least $200 trillion in debt and obligations it can’t pay.

Fact #7. Once you understand the true nature of this crisis, protecting yourself is not difficult. Once you see how other debt collapses have unfolded, you can also harness its amazing power to multiply your wealth.

In fact, some of the investments we will be recommending in Phase I of this crisis (now, through Oct. 31) are already posting gains of up to 2,105% in as few as 40 days.

This is why I have created Supercycle Investor, a unique new service with an investment portfolio that’s completely unlike any other we publish, or anyone else publishes. As a member, you get all of our “buy” and “sell” recommendations for supercycle investments — not just now, but through Dec. 31, 2022.

Fact #8. I am personally so concerned about this crisis, I am willing to pay for most of your membership myself. Just join for two years, and I’ll pay for the balance of your membership through the end of the year 2022.

You take virtually zero membership risk when you join now. You can cancel anytime during your first two years on-board and receive a full refund on the balance of your membership.

But our Charter Enrollment period, saving you an astounding 83%, closes forever on Tuesday, Sept. 26. That’s tomorrow. (Click here to join.)

This is so important and so urgent, I have assembled the most-thorough proof … and the most-profitable investment opportunities … since I founded Weiss Research 46 years ago.

These are contained in …

Our 30-page e-book, Countdown to Armageddon. We tell you what’s going to happen next, when and where. We list 14 major profit opportunities. We name 34 specific investments. And we just posted it to our new webpage early this morning.

Our 3-part emergency conference, Financial Day of Reckoning. Each of these 20-minute sessions is loaded with free, practical information you can apply to your investments and planning for the next five years.

  • The first is about what’s going to happen and why. (Click here.)
  • The second lays out our precise forecasts, phase by phase, with the timing of each. (Click here.)
  • And the third gives you our investment strategy — and recommended investments— for each phase. To view all three, go here.

Extra feature: Even if your hearing is very good, I highly recommend turning on our new closed captions. Just place your mouse on the screen and click on the CC.

Our unedited 48-page transcript. If you don’t like videos or prefer to read as you listen, you can download the full transcript here, print it out, or just read it on the screen. It has three chapters:

  • “October 2017: The Next Great Convergence” (pages 1-14)
  • “Financial Armageddon: A Sneak Preview” (pages 15-31)
  • “The Windfall Profit Opportunity of a Lifetime” (pages 32-48)

Your application form. Or to go straight to the immediate action you need to take right now before tomorrow’s deadline, just go here.

Good luck and God bless!

Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.
Founder, Weiss Research’s Edelson Institute
Founding Editor, Supercycle Investor

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Comments 9

  1. RICK February 4, 2018

    don’t dilute supercycle with other news letters.
    balance the picks …. can’t buy every mineral company.
    why hasn’t the newsletter participated in the stock market infusion of foreign money/


  2. steve Bird January 4, 2018

    I follow your comments with interest.
    For the life of me I can not see the start of all the down side although it is obvious that it is not far away.
    Iran and Japan will clearly play a part in the set off but so too will N.Korea.
    Throughout history whenever and wherever the world has allowed idiots to come to power and then to dictatorship they have dug large holes for their population to climb out of it.
    Philapines N. Korea,Iran, are but examples but there are many others who hide dictatorship with debt and corruption until one day…..as in Iran the people in the street say enough is enough…..but many loose their lives or their livelihoods in the process….and the dictator survives through exile.
    Frankly the world needs a world war or a major depression simply to put it back on balance keel.
    Will it hurt….hell yes but I fear some who should not will escape to live another day.



  3. J Hall September 27, 2017

    I have asked question on your other articles, but do not have answers.
    10-31-17 will be Halloween. Are the witches coming out?
    What am I to expect?
    You realize that if it is just another Ho-Hum day, you will lose me as a subscriber.


  4. J Hall September 27, 2017

    Just what is it that you expect to happen on 10-31-17?
    It’s opening day of deer season in Texas.
    Other than that, What? NK drop a bomb?
    Markets crash? Assassination? End of the world?
    Invasion from Mars?


  5. D. Braatz September 27, 2017

    Just another day at the office. It seems we a flock of chicken littles, all yelling the “The sky is falling”, but it never does. But sooner, or possibly later, chicken little might be right.


  6. John Landau September 26, 2017

    At least in countries where the national bank has the power to create money, such as the United States, it can always pay its debts-making it unlikely that the Federal government will fail to meet its obligations. Since much of this “debt” is actually money that one branch of the government owes to another branch, which will never demand repayment, the size of the “national debt” is a meaningless statistic.The government can always create money to pay social security pensions, medicaid,veterans benefits, etc.. In a general financial crisis, there will not be much inflation, because the “new” money created by our Federal government will only replace “old” money that has “disappeared” from the portfolios of banks, other financial institutions and other large corporations. As a result, the money in circulation will not increase much. Financial crises prior to 2007-09 are not accurate predictors for what would happen in a future financial crisis, because they occurred before the 2007-09 precedent of massive Federal bailouts was set. But now that that precedent has been set, future financial crises are unlikely to be worse than the 2007-09 one. Of course, that was bad enough!


    • John Landau September 26, 2017

      Of course, a major war in which the United States is a participant or target could have far more serious implications. If the U.S. comes under nuclear attack, there might be either a general sell-off of all financial instruments due to panic, or even the closure of all or most markets, or the destruction of the information infrastructure needed to keep markets open. This would be even more likely to occur in a massive cyber attack that targeted financial institutions and the records of government agencies, the power grid, etc. This could result in the destruction of the financial records that stock and bond holders, depositors, etc. would need to redeem or keep their assets. A cyber attack during a war with other technologically advanced nations is actually much more likely than a nuclear attack, because its consequences would be much less devastating to the attackers, and it would be easier and less costly to mount a cyber attack. As a result, in the present extremely tense international climate, war is the only major threat to investors and everyone else.


  7. James September 26, 2017

    Inverse ETFs and low risk securities backed by the us government in the form of t-bills and treasury bills are the commodities to get into. We are in for a big boom in the economy in the kondratieff cycle that we are in at the moment. We might even be moving onto a jugular cycle or Kuznets cycle soon. People need to get perpetuitys and ordinary annuities and get out of hedge funds and real estate investment trusts. This boom is gonna be even a bigger boom then the last boom, in this prosperity, recession, depression and improvements economic cycle that we are in. A big boom nonetheless. A boom fuelled by an end to the credit crunch. Bonuses are back in. Zero coupon bonds and speculative bonds are out again. Get ready for the biggest boom yet.


  8. Phil Issenberg September 25, 2017

    Personally I am tired of receiving the latest announcement that I need to join your new service….” I already did that.”
    Don’t you do any analytics of subscribers customer?