I’ve never seen Martin this worried!
You need to hear this stunning prediction for yourself.

Just the other day, Martin Weiss, who was traveling the world to survey various dangers and opportunities, emailed us that he was abruptly interrupting his travels to rush home. The reason: Something very dramatic is going to happen in October.

I got the email very early in the morning, opened my Skype and called him right away. Then, after we hung up, I said to myself, “Wow! That was one hell of a call! I wish I had recorded it so I could share it with my readers.”

So you can imagine how pleased I was when I found out that Martin has an MP3 Skype Recorder that he always runs to record his foreign language lessons, and it was recording our call without us even realizing it!

You’ve got to hear it for yourself.

If you value your wealth, your investments and your financial security, drop everything and listen NOW!

Plus, while you’re listening, you may want to read the unedited transcript of the call, below …

Transcript of Skype call between
Martin Weiss and Sean Brodrick

Martin Weiss: Hi, Sean. Why the hell are you calling me on Skype so early this morning?

Sean Brodrick: Yeah, I’m so sorry about that, Martin. But I just had to talk to you.

Martin: Don’t worry, Sean. You didn’t actually wake me. It’s OK.

Sean: Well, here’s why I had to call you, Martin. The thing is, I saw your email that you sent a couple of hours ago, right? And you had a word in there — “doomsday.” It just jumped up at me. Like a ghost. It just grabbed me. And the thing is, I see it too — in the cycles, and it seems to me they’re all converging into late October. And I see it in the debt numbers. They’re off the charts. But I had to call and find out: Exactly what are you worried about?

Martin: It’s very similar, from a different perspective. Nearly everything I see is coming together in the same time and place. It’s a recurring nightmare for me that does keep me up at night. You’d think Elisabeth would be angry, right? When she heard your Skype ring on my iPhone just now because …

Sean: Well, yeah, I was kind of worried about that, Martin.

Martin: Don’t worry. It normally would have woken her up. But I had already woken her up earlier — when I got an urgent call from an old friend in Japan.

Sean: You mean because of that North Korea missile that flew over Japan.

Martin: That was a part of it. But he actually said that type of thing is just a trigger event that will set off a chain reaction of financial events. You know, I’ve known him since the 1980s. He and I used to work together in Japan. He was the chief economist of a major brokerage firm. And in the 1980s, he and I were also worried about a crisis, about a coming bust in Japan in the 1990s.

Sean: Oh yeah, that one!

Martin: Yes, that bust actually turned out to be far worse than either he or I had expected. The Nikkei plunged by over 80%. The Japanese economy sunk into a depression that lasted not just one decade, but two decades. And now, he says the next crash in Japan is going to make the 1990s train wreck look like a walk in the park. And I happen to agree.

Sean: Well, I have to tell you, Martin, there are just CRAZY things that are happening all over the world. And not just in Japan, either. I mean — look at what Russia’s doing! And also, look at the terror attacks all over Europe! And not just that. Look at all the crazy things our governments have done for the past decade with debt and money! This is how I look at things — but it’s all part of a giant cycle. It all fits together. You could say that a perfect storm is brewing. And I’m thinking that we must do everything that we possibly can just to alert our subscribers before it’s too late, Martin.

Martin: I’m very worried about that because …

Sean: … because, you mean, we don’t have much time to prepare?

Martin: We have time — not much time. But, yes, it’s because of that and because it’s so big. But most people in the United States are also so complacent. I’ll tell you something: I just traveled to 11 countries in a round-the-world trip. I’ve been in Italy, in Germany, Turkey, the Arabian Peninsula. From there we went to India, then Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan. We’ve been in Russia.

Everywhere I go, I talk to people from all walks of life, especially high-net worth investors. And you know something, Sean? They’re not really complacent like most American investors. They’re trying to find a place to MOVE their money. Quick! They feel the winds of the brewing storm we talked about — in their gut.

Sean: Well, maybe they’re feet are closer to the fire. These cycles — the long-term cycles, short-term cycles — they say the same thing. It’s actually quite amazing, you know, how they mesh with what your friend in Japan is saying and what you’re seeing in all those countries. And I tell you — it’s not a pretty picture. I’d say it’s a very ugly picture, one might even say, a terrifying future, and it all begins in about six weeks.

What I also see — and I’m speaking as an American investor, Martin. Right? So I see this as a massive crisis just brewing around the globe. And American investors — they can either prepare and get wealthy, or they can risk being wiped out. And Martin, you know I’m not a fear monger or a pessimist. I consider myself a positive person. I’m just a realist, and I’m afraid.

But here’s the thing, Martin. How do we get the word out to investors? How do we reach out and make that connection with our subscribers?

Martin. Yes! And this is why I canceled my next trip. This is why I’m going to tell everyone in our company who’s not already on top of this to drop everything else they’re doing right now.

Sean: But that’s not enough! We must urgently talk to all our subscribers. We need to hold an emergency conference with them, Martin. Live!

Martin: Live! Right. But when?

Sean: Well, I’d like to say yesterday. But we need a few days to alert everyone, to let our subscribers know. So they can be there.

Martin: Uhm, how about … hold on for a minute, let me open my calendar for a second, and I’ll look, OK?

Sean: Yeah, I’ll look in mine too.

Martin: OK. I got it. How about Tuesday, September 12?

Sean: Yeah, OK. But I tell you, Martin, one day is hardly enough.

Martin: I didn’t mean just one day. I meant we start on Tuesday, September 12.

Sean: Yes. But one day is not hardly enough. We need three emergency sessions, three days, OK?

Martin: OK.

Sean: On the first day, we lay out the Big Picture. Why it’s going to happen. Exactly how we KNOW it’s going to happen. Right?

On the second day, we tell them WHAT is going to happen. We lay out our predictions for everything that’s going to impact investors, every investment area.

On day three, we go to the conclusion: What to do. What to sell. What to buy. And WHEN. And then, we go over the greatest PROFIT opportunities. We name the investments … 

Martin: Yes! You NAME the investments. That’s important.

Sean: Right! We name the investments with the greatest profit potential. Like when your Dad turned $500 into $100,000 during one of the worst crises in American history. I remember THAT story. 

Martin. Haha. I’m glad you do. Because that was a major story. OK. I got it! We start Tuesday, September 12th. Is 2 PM good for you? Eastern Time.

Sean: Yeah, that works for me. That’s fine.

Martin: OK. We meet in the Weiss Research studios. We’ll have the cameras rolling. We’ll stream it live over the Internet. On a private channel that only our subscribers can access.

Sean: Good!

Martin: And then, all of our subscribers will have had plenty of chance to register for the event.

Sean: OK. So they have to register.

Martin: Yes, they do.

[Go here to register.]

Sean: OK.

Martin: All set then? September 12 at 2 PM? 

Sean: I’ll be there.

Martin: Easy to remember. Because I just realized that it’s going to be one day after the anniversary of 9/11.

Sean: Yeah, you’re right.

Martin: Sean, thanks for calling.

Sean: OK. Thank you for emailing ME, Martin. This is urgent.

Martin: It is. Bye, Sean.

Sean: Bye-bye.

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Comments 16

  1. lohiker September 18, 2017

    I must be missing something. It still seems to me that Supercycle Investor is Supercycle Trader. I watched the video, and it is almost word for word Larry’s video: The Armageddon Wave. The history, objectives and how we would get guidance to when to buy and sell seem the same. Larry named stocks in The Armageddon Wave, but he told us that it was best to have help in knowing when to act. For me, that is what I need. It seems to me that the heart of Supercycle Trader, now EWave Trader, has been given to Supercycle Investor, so what I already paid for and needed was taken away and given to the Investor. I do not want to spend another two thousand dollars for something I had only to have it taken away and given to Supercycle Investor.

    Mike, am I right? Has EWave Trader lost out? I hope not. I do not understand why The Armageddon Wave was used to promote Supercycle Investor when Larry used it to promote Supercycle Trader. Will you still be able to use the cycles to help us? There must be a difference that I am missing. I wish somebody would answer my questions.



    • Philip Parker September 21, 2017

      Stick with what Edelson said before he died and ignore these jackals! All they want is YOUR MONEY!!!!!!


  2. Charles September 9, 2017

    If this turns out to be just another promotional sales offer, I’m going to be more than disappointed.


    • Philip Parker September 21, 2017

      Dude, BE MORE THAN DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!! They are full of HYPE, period!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Earl September 9, 2017

    I can’t take off work mid afternoon 3 days in a row. Any other time I can view this?


    • Philip Parker September 21, 2017

      Yeah, whenever you are available they will bend over backwards to play it for you!!! Are ya kidding me???


  4. Don Bell September 9, 2017

    I hope these sessions will be recorded so those of us unable to attend can get recordings or transcripts of the discussions at a later time.
    Don Bell
    Long time subscriber


    • Philip Parker September 21, 2017

      Oh dude, don’t waste your time and emotional energy! Weiss et al are making this crap up as they go! They will do ANYTHING to get your money and secure you as a person seeking their services. Look how they still use poor Larry Edelson’s image to get your money! HE IS DEAD!!!!!! Let him rest in peace!!!!!


  5. James September 9, 2017

    What’s gonna happen to the solow steady state residual? Are we in for either capital intensive growth, or either labour intensive growth? Are we in for another boom that could last a decade. We live in interesting times as the Chinese would say. Whereabouts in this boom, recession, depression, recovery and growth cycle are we at. Varoufakis latest book on his battle with Europe’s deep establishment, adults in the room, graphically depicts the soverign debt crisis that is going on in Greece at the moment. One things for sure we are in for another boom .


  6. Mike Brown, PAID subscriber September 8, 2017

    That was REALLY horrible. Do you really expect us to believe that the above “call” wasn’t/isn’t a scripted paper? Just remember when you came out firing, all ablazing in Sept/Oct 2008; saying how the world was getting ready to end. That was intense and scared the crap out of me. It also made me do things that ended up not being necessary and hurt me significantly on the financial side of things. Be careful how you put things; this is people’s lives your affecting.


    • Philip Parker September 21, 2017

      Agree with you 1000%. Weis et al are the “chicken littles” of the investment world. And they will do ANYTHING that makes you seek them and their services. I am pretty pissed that they are still using Larry Edelson’s image in this newsletter!!! He is DEAD for God’s sake! Let him rest in peace!!! Do your own money-grubbing, please!


  7. H. Craig Bradley September 8, 2017


    How about a nuclear armed North Korean Missile lands in Tokyo, Japan or in San Francisco, California. We lose all our California liberals in one day. What a change that in itself would be. The equivalent of a real earthquake and forever alter the leanings of the U.S. Congress. What would the world do in response? Well, it would usher in a nuclear war in Asia and probably involve the entire developed world soon thereafter. WWIII in a nutshell. Can anyone build their bunkers in the next 30 days? Residents of San Francisco better start looking for a second residence, as they might soon need it. The rest of us can just keep ourselves ready for anything or nothing, as the case may be.


    • Philip Parker September 21, 2017

      All that you say is possible, but not probable. Keep that in mind. Too much to lose for the other nuclear powers to fire off nukes, and believe me, THEY KNOW IT!


  8. John k September 8, 2017

    My iPad’s voice volume doesn’t work. It works on all other emails I get. Is there a problem on your end?
    Please advise


  9. Pedro September 8, 2017

    Doom and Gloom guys are eventually right. For a while.


    • Philip Parker September 21, 2017

      Weiss et al are the epitome of DOOM AND GLOOM. It is their specialty, if you have not noticed after years and years and years!!!!!!!!!!