Forget North Korea and Syria: Iran’s Where the Risk Lies

The latest events stoking the winds of war include a series of North Korean missile launches, which has confirmed the progress they’ve made expanding their intercontinental missile capability.

And earlier this month, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad violated a 2013 agreement when he gassed his own people.

These events crossed the new administration’s red line and prompted action, including a U.S. Tomahawk missile attack on a Syrian air base and a U.S. Navy strike force to patrol the coast of North Korea.

But as bad and as volatile as these threats may appear, they pale in comparison to Iran.

That’s because Iran is considered the largest state sponsor of terror, kills its own people and threatens genocide. They’ve also vowed to destroy Israel and are committed to destroying the U.S.

And that’s also why the last U.S. administration tried to curtail Iran’s nuclear ambitions through a nuclear agreement.

But the fact is that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) of 2015 didn’t go far enough to compel Iran to surrender its bad ways, as well as its military arsenal.

The JCPOA framework assumed that Iran would …

–      Fulfill obligations.

–      Open up facilities to inspectors.

–      Moderate its behavior and join international community.

But they’ve turned a blind eye to all of these. That’s why I wasn’t one bit surprised when they launched a ballistic missile – in violation of Resolution 2231 — just days after President Trump’s inauguration.

There’s More…

Iran is also supplying weapons to rebels in Yemen … weapons that have even been used to fire on U.S. ships.

Further efforts to taunt the Trump administration came last month when the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps ordered fast-attack boats to harass a U.S. Navy ship in the Strait of Hormuz, forcing the ship to alter its course.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps ordered fast-attack boats to harass a U.S. Navy ship in the Strait of Hormuze.

Since the Syrian missile attack, Iran joined Russia in warning the U.S. that they will “respond” with force if their own “red lines” are crossed in Syria.

I don’t have to tell you: This is right on point with the Edelson Institute war cycles, which are just one component in an intersection of multiple cycles called the Edelson Wave.

These cycles are now converging into the most powerful tidal-wave of economic and political upheaval in more than eighty years.

And that’s going to create opportunities — especially in the defense and industrial sectors — unlike any I’ve ever seen before. But don’t forget: Timing is everything, especially in sectors like these.

Good investing,

Mike Burnick


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  1. WS April 19, 2017

    Mike Burnick might want to be come informed rather than regurgitating mainstream rhetoric. Assad did not gas his own people in 2013, a number of subsequent investigations including the UN and MIT showed that it was our Turkish nato allies who brought in sarin and launched a false flag. The same accusation was done in 2014 and it too was a false flag, our ISIS and rebel allies did it. The latest Syrian accusation is obviously a similar false flag, even a pet gerbil can see this, Professor Postol of MIT has already given an initial report. Burnick should dare to go down memory lane and visit the 2003 Iraq WMD false flag, where 1.5 million dead can’t testify against american intelligence tales. Expect a false flag in North Korea soon, and Iran to follow to appease the muppets.


  2. Dr. Best April 19, 2017

    Sorry you believe all that, Mike. Someday perhaps you’ll wake up and realize the news is all nothing but windowdressing for systematic “rogue nation” regime changes, started by Donnie, the Rumsfielder in Afghanistan and Iraq, then carried out through Obama’s Golden girl, Hillary, and the second would be JFK. God help us if the other Donald continues on this path. If you haven’t listened to it yet, please find the full testimony of Gen. Wesley Clark, 2006, so you understand what’s really going on in the Middle East. Everything that has been done in the past 14 years or so was planned in a boardroom more than a decade before it began.. It’s all about a bunch of fatcats stuffing their pockets with American taxpayer money, while the Saudi’s expand its list of Sunni nations, and the oil cats toy with their long-term pipeline plans. Maybe it follows a graphical cycle. Maybe not, but, good God, Syria and Iran are the victims, just like Ahmadinejad, Asad, Qaddafi, Mubarak, and yes, even Hussein. You need not fear them!


  3. Werner April 21, 2017

    Hi Mike,
    With the Iranians it’s tit for tat. Their bad behaviour is quite evident, but your story does not mention that the USA meddled in Iranian affairs in the 1950ies already by overthrowing Mossadegh on the ground that he was a communist, and put Shah Palevi on the throne. That lasted until Giscard d’Estaing had the unfortunate idea to let Khomeny leave Neauphle near Paris and reintegrate Iran. In the late 1970’s before Reagan took over, you had the hostage crisis at the US embassy in Theran. What would have been better, a so called “Communist” regime or an utterly clerical state as it turned out finally. Alas we cant turn the clock backwards.
    Some events leave a track in history and those seem to be of the kind. It’s not an excuse for their behaviour, but perhaps a bit of an explanation.
    Thanks for your attention.


  4. D MacDonald April 21, 2017

    Your comments are objectionable, Assad did NOT gas his own people, Syria has no chemical weapons, this was confirmed by the UN and the US, Assad had nothing to gain and everything to lose by such an action he was winning the war anyway, why regurgitate the obvious lies of the so called western democracies. Secondly, Iran is not the largest state sponsor of terrorism, the USA is and closely followed by my own country the UK of which I am ashamed. Iran isn’t even a nuclear power yet, so how could they destroy the US? your articles are moronic. Less of the propaganda and more of the “accurate” financial advice which frankly has been sorely lacking.


  5. Raymond April 21, 2017

    No argument about war coming. But you lose all credibility when you parrot fake news hobgoblins. In a just world, the same standards applied to Iran would be applied to Israel. By the standards set by the Nuremberg Trials, the US and its allies are the war criminals.

    A more appropriate title would be “Forget North Korea, Syria, Iran, Russia and China, the US is Where the Risk Lies”. Nothing good ever comes out of war.


  6. D MacDonald April 21, 2017

    Sorry, I missed your bit about Yemen, the Saudis using US and UK weapons have been bombing the poor people of Yemen back to the stone age for the last 12 months (bet you haven’t seen that on MSM) just because they decided to rid themselves of a corrupt western puppet who sought shelter in Saudi. Now the west are blockading the country and literally starving the people to death, that’s not on the MSM either. The west is run by a criminal cabal who have no humanity and whose souls are dead.


  7. db April 21, 2017

    “And earlier this month, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad violated a 2013 agreement when he gassed his own people.”

    This isn’t proven.


  8. Michel April 25, 2017

    I do agree that the war cycle is picking up fast, but please, in your mentioning of Syria, quote that the Trump admin. supposes and suggests that the gas attack took place from the Syrian Side, as they do not have any confirmation and they do not accept any samples to be taken to prove where it came from.
    You can see as well that it has been proven, and it is obvious to see and to consider that, if the people on the ground have been bombed by gas, not even rescuers would be able to do their job without masks and protections… how can only a side wall of a building be broken if the bomb was thrown from the sky?. The roof is bomb proof??
    I am not defending anyone here, but since the beginning of this war, we have been fed up of the many senarios that have been put to pin point one side, to blame one side of torture and mass killing.
    Have you even heard that, at the beginning of the war, one day, a car full of bombs exploded after it has been announced on one TV channel??


  9. Randy May 2, 2017

    Most of these responses are disputing Mike Burnick, Weiss Research, and U.S. media outlets, including the White House. I read from WS that Turkey provided the sarin gas for a false flag in Syria. Where do you get your information? Does MIT publish these findings? Then, you state in 2014 that ISIS & rebel allies did it. Where does this info come from? Then, you claim the 2003 Iraq WMD was a false flag, also. Again, where does this accusation prove otherwise? What is your source(s)? Then, Dr Best acts in true condescending nature and acts as if Mike is clueless & then adapts a greater than thou attitude regarding a series of events he seems to know all about. Again, Dr Best, Where do you get all your info from? What intelligence sources do you have direct access to that provide you this? Who are you people? Are you Iranian or Russian? Did you derive your information from Iranian media, or Russia’s English language state sponsored media of RT, Sputnick, or Russia Today? You do know all these media outlets are state owned and controlled and each have a Russian spin and always attempt to discredit the U.S., and its NATO allies? So, what are you? What is your nationality? Where does your information come from? It you can’t or will not state it in writing, I declare you formally discredited.