Financial Judgement Day
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What a crazy day this has been!

Tens of thousands of subscribers were just online with us for the third and final session of our emergency conference! (Go here for all three 20-minute video recordings.)

We’re already receiving glowing accolades from friends and subscribers.

They’re already raving about the NAMED investments and profit opportunities that blow your mind.

And this is just the beginning of the story!

Threat to ‘Sink Japan’ into the Ocean

Soon before we headed into the Weiss/Edelson TV studios for today’s session, a North Korean state agency threatened to use nuclear weapons to “sink Japan” and reduce the United States to “ashes and darkness.”

We prep for the subscriber conference. The sound of Korean words ring in my ears. It’s the voice of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who just four days ago praised the “perfect success” of the country’s sixth and largest nuclear test.

A 120-kiloton hydrogen bomb. Exploding with eight times the destructive power of the “Little Boy” atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima 72 years ago. His prime target: Tokyo, where my son Anthony lives and works. (Elisabeth and I asked him to consider leaving. But he refused.)

The cameras begin to roll. Flashing in my mind is the first novel I ever read in Japanese: Nihon Chinbotsu (日本沈没). It was serious, hard-core science fiction.

They later made it into a Japanese movie and then an American one, “Tidal Wave,” which were not so serious.

The book and movies were based on a geologist’s prediction that the entire Japanese archipelago would sink into the Pacific within 40 years, later revised to 338.54 days.

Back then, I was just a young man, and I laughed. Now I’m not laughing anymore … and it’s not because I’m old. Nor is it because I fear another giant tsunami-causing earthquake like the one that rocked Anthony’s train to Akihabara in Tokyo six years ago.

It’s Kim Jong-un that scares the heck out of me. Will he do any of the things he’s threatening to do? My rational self says, “highly unlikely.” But that doesn’t change the fact that …

  1. He HAS explicitly threatened to nuke Japan — and the U.S.
  2. He has — or will soon have — the ability to carry out his threats.
  3. The United States and its allies are running out of non-military options to stop him. And any pre-emptive attack will inevitably transform mere threats into real destruction.

But none of the above is the most immediate concern. What IS of urgent concern is something entirely predictable and already happening … just as we predicted in the first session of the conference on Tuesday.

Here are some of the FINANCIAL facts of life we covered …

  1. Japan is now moving swiftly to militarize.
  2. The government will immediately borrow and spend tens of trillions of yen to buy new defensive weaponry.
  3. And it will pile up a whole new layer of debt onto what is already the biggest debt Godzilla of all time. (More than DOUBLE the size of the country’s entire economy).

But it’s not alone. Europe must leap ahead with a similar program to counter the threat from Russia. The United States is already galloping in the same direction. Both are also swimming in debt.

It’s all part of the rising cycle of war we’ve been warning you about.

We pray it will never happen.

And the chances are still good it won’t.

But the financial consequences are upon us. And as I explain in Financial Day of Reckoning, Video 1, they are turbo-charging the economic cycles that were already on a collision course.

Fortunately, there ARE constructive steps you can take — both for protection and immense profit, as we lay out in this report.

And what’s also very fortunate is that there still IS time to prepare … and to join us in this endeavor.

Good luck and God bless!


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One comment on “Financial Judgement Day
NAMED HERE: Investments that will blow your mind …

  1. Dick September 17, 2017

    I think it will happen in November, October 17th is too early. The weather cycle is not converging until then.