What to do in the next two hours …

In the last 48 hours, so much has happened, so fast, I’m dropping everything to give you this urgent update. Here’s my diary of events …

Sunday: In response to grave threats from Kim Jong-un, the Pentagon flies B-1 bombers and F-15 fighter jets along North Korea’s eastern coastline, the closest to North Korea in the 21st century.

Yesterday: North Korea’s foreign minister announces that President Trump has “declared war,” and they “have the right to shoot down U.S. strategic bombers even when they are not inside the airspace border of our country.” The U.S. dispatches more aircraft to the region.

Today: North Korea rushes to bolster its defenses on its east coast. In a shocking new propaganda video, it blows up U.S. aircraft and warships.

Will President Trump launch a pre-
emptive strike against North Korea?

Out of the blue? No. In response to a perceived attack by North Korea against the U.S. or its allies? Yes.

That’s how the Vietnam War started. All it took was a relatively small incident in the Gulf of Tonkin.

That’s also how the Spanish-American War began — a mysterious sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor.

Of course, no one knows exactly what tomorrow will bring — let alone next month or beyond. But here are the facts we do know for sure:

Fact #1. Nothing we’ve done so far — with the United Nations, with our Asian allies or on our own — has stopped, or will stop, North Korea from becoming a nuclear power.

Fact #2. Nothing we can say at this point, whether in the form of threats or diplomatic overtures, can make a difference.

Fact $3. No one can deny the stark reality: North Korea and the United States are on the brink of war.

Every day, I pray it will never come to pass. For the sake of my son who lives in Tokyo. For all Americans. For the entire world.

Meanwhile, every day, my team and I do everything in our power to help you prepare for the economic consequences. And these consequences are already evident right now, even without any new conflicts:

  • A rapid ramp-up in defense spending sweeping the globe.
  • More borrowing by governments that are already drowning in debt.
  • Clear and present dangers for U.S. investors, but also major new profit opportunities.

The End of an Era

Right now, the historic cycles we study tell us that a major new convergence is about to take place on or around Oct. 31, just 35 days from now.

The impact may not be immediately apparent to most observers. But this convergence of cycles will mark the end of the current era, in which governments could amass obscene amounts of debt with impunity … and the beginning a new era, in which mankind pays the price for those debts.

These are the same cycles that accurately predicted the Great Depression in 1929 and every major economic event since.

They are the same ones that enabled us to forecast, well ahead of time, the beginning of gold’s greatest bull market in 1999 as well as the exact top for the yellow metal (within two weeks) in 2011.

Over the years, these cycles have also helped us predict the great stock market crash of 1987 … the Tech Wreck of 2000 … the credit crisis and Great Recession of 2008-’09 … and the explosive recovery in stocks that we’ve seen since.

Where Will the Next Crisis Begin?

As I have been saying now for quite some time, the next financial crisis will not begin in the United States. It will begin in Northeast Asia, especially Japan. From there, it will move to Europe. It will crush governments, currencies and investment markets worldwide. Social unrest, civil war and international wars, already on the rise, will spread.

The years 2017 through 2022 will be a nightmare of historical proportions for most. The human toll will be devastating. Millions of investors worldwide will be wiped out, left penniless, vulnerable and alone. In the worst trouble spots, cities will burn.

A Silver Lining Like None Before

Right now, and in the months ahead, there’s a silver lining. Wave after wave of flight capital is flowing from the world’s hot spots to the world’s safest safe haven — the United States. This fear money will drive up American stocks and real estate even as other assets around the world fall.

Ultimately, however, the crisis will also strike the U.S.

This is a terrible thing.

But once you understand the true nature of this crisis, protecting yourself is not difficult. Once you see how other debt collapses have unfolded, you can also harness its amazing power to multiply your wealth. In fact, some of the investments we will be recommending in Phase I of this crisis (now, through Oct. 31) are already posting gains of up to 2,105% in as few as 40 days.

This is why I have created Supercycle Investor, a unique new service with an investment portfolio that’s completely unlike any other we publish, or anyone else publishes. As a member, you get all of our “buy” and “sell” recommendations for supercycle investments — not just now, but through Dec. 31, 2022.

I am personally so concerned about this crisis, I am willing to pay for most of your membership myself. Just join for two years, and I’ll pay for the balance of your membership through the end of the year 2022.

You take virtually zero membership risk when you join now. You can cancel anytime during your first two years on-board and receive a full refund on the balance of your membership.

Right now, our Charter Enrollment can still save you an astounding 83%. But that ends forever at 5 p.m. today — just two hours from now. (Click here to join.)

This is so important and so urgent, I have assembled the most-thorough proof … and the most-profitable investment opportunities … since I founded Weiss Research 46 years ago.

These are contained in …

Our 30-page e-book, Countdown to Armageddon. We tell you what’s going to happen next, when and where. We list 14 major profit opportunities. We name 34 specific investments. And we just posted it to our new webpage yesterday.

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Good luck and God bless!


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One comment on “ON THE BRINK OF WAR
What to do in the next two hours …

  1. J Hall September 27, 2017

    Just what exactly is going to happen on 10-31-17?
    Are the markets going to crash? Or is it the same old “Ho-Hum”?
    Should I be out of long positions by then?
    And Short everything in sight?
    Or should I go long on what these foreign investors want?
    And what would that be?
    You say the end is near, what does that mean to me today, not 5 years from now.
    Obliviously no one is buying Gold. Where are the clues, other than your cycles?
    Answers are needed.
    Thank you.
    J Hall