Breaking news: New Tsunamis emerging NOW!

Just as our Supercycle Investment Summit is about to go offline forever … just as your opportunity to save $10,054 is about to end (also forever) … and just as we count down the last eight days to the great cycle convergence of 10/31 …  two NEW cyclical tsunamis are bursting into the headlines.

The first is in Europe. It is the tsunami of autonomy, independence, separatism, and ultimately, civil war.

It is the stuff of collapsing empires and splintering nations.

It is the same centrifugal force that tore apart the Soviet Empire of Lenin and Gorbachev … the Yugoslavia of Tito and Milošević … and now threatens to do something similar in the Spain of Rajoy.

Over 450,000 people pouring onto the streets of Barcelona just 48 hours ago to demand independence from Spain. It’s a powerful trend that could dismember Europe, crush the euro and drive a tsunami of flight capital to U.S. markets — and gold.

This tsunami hit hard this past weekend in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, as 450,000 took to the streets … and as Madrid moved viciously against them.

Not only to crush the independence movement of the breakaway province, but also to remove pro-independence leaders from power … shut down their legislature … and take control over a vast regional government with 200,000 civil servants.

But this is not just a weekend episode that comes and goes. It has deep roots in long-term cyclical waves that go back centuries.

In fact, it was over 300 years ago that Catalonia backed the losing side in the battle of the Habsburg dynasty against the Bourbons. Then it was the latter, who, in turn, captured Barcelona in 1714 and dashed the Catalan’s first major hopes for autonomy.

In the twentieth century it got worse. As highlighted in Foreign Affairs this month, the Spanish state under Franco inflicted cultural genocide on Catalonia. Franco dismantled institutions and associations tied to Catalan identity. He drove out the Catalan language from public life. And worse.

For Catalans, it all started happening again on what they call 1-O (1st of October). That’s when the Spanish police busted up their referendum for independence and brought all those horrid memories back in a flash.

This new wave of separatism is not limited strictly to Spain. There are also dozens of others in Europe — some like a dormant volcano, some ready to erupt, all a real and present danger to the European Union.

There are secessionist movements in Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and the UK (still a member of the E.U.)

The European Union’s risk of dismemberment is bad enough when countries like Britain resolve to exit. It’s far worse when the member countries themselves splinter into pieces.

The second tsunami is in Japan. It’s a long-term cyclical wave that goes back 71 years minus one week … to a day in 1946 when most baby-boomers were not yet born, when I myself was just 45 days old.

That was the day that the new Constitution of Japan was promulgated. with these words …

“Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.

“In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.”

That was then.

This is now … and it’s all about to change.

Poll workers in Tokyo just hours ago, counting the votes that have empowered Prime Minister Abe to unleash a new wave of borrowing and spending for defense.

In fact, it was just yesterday that the great defeat which gave birth to those words was replaced by the fear of a new great defeat (by North Korea) that could make the words seem naïve, even reckless.

As a typhoon bore down on the Japanese archipelago, Japanese voters went to the polls, their votes were counted, and Prime Minister Abe’s governing coalition won a hastily called election.

Most voters didn’t understand exactly what they were voting for. Many didn’t even know why they were voting to begin with.

But for anyone who has closely studied the cycles of war, the reasons are obvious:

Abe wants to rewrite the constitution to clear the way for Japan’s rapid militarization.

Then, he wants to borrow and spend whatever it takes to build Japan’s military might.

The threats from North Korea are the stated reason. But it’s the surging military might of China that’s the true reason.

China’s active forces are now, by far, the largest in the world with 2,183,000 in uniform. Japan has only 247,000. They’re outnumbered by China nine to one.

North Korea’s active military has nearly as many soldiers in uniform as the entire U.S. armed forces. And if you include reserves, North Korea’s military has well over 7 million, or more than TRIPLE the size of America’s!

So you can imagine how intimidating that is for the people of Japan … just 10 minutes away from North Korea’s ICMB launch pads … with no viable anti-ballistic defenses … and with military forces that are outnumbered by North Korea’s by 24 to one (including reserves).

This fear — and this reality — is the force that will unleash a new tsunami of spending and borrowing in Japan, with dire consequences for financial markets.

And it’s these two new tsunamis, about to burst onto the scene with gale force, that add still more impetus to the scenario we have laid out before you in recent weeks.

For more on this scenario — its consequences for investors and the enormous profit opportunities it generates — see our Supercycle Investment Summit here.

Or, to join us in this adventure, apply on this page.

Tomorrow’s the last day.

Good luck and God bless!


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One comment on “Breaking news: New Tsunamis emerging NOW!

  1. Fred Gibson October 27, 2017

    Your figures regarding the relative strength of the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and U. S. military are impossible. If China has the most in uniform with 2,183,000 and Korea has 7 million with reserves, which is almost three times the U.S., that would mean the U.S. has 2,333,333.333 which would make the U.S. military larger than China’s. Then, if Japan has only 247,000 in uniform and N. Korea has 24 times that, North Korea would have 5,248,000. What are the actual figures?