The end is nigh!

The end is nigh!

The end of the era when governments could borrow with impunity and spend with wild abandon.

The end of ultra-low (even below-zero) interest rates.

The end of multitrillion-dollar waves of global money printing.

The beginning of chaos.

This is not just a forecast for the future.
It’s also a clear-eyed observation of the present …

As we’ve warned, the first symptoms of this watershed moment in history are beginning precisely where logic would dictate: In the market for the bonds of major sovereign nations.

In Germany — the core of the eurozone economy — 10-year bond yields have soared to positive-44 points (0.44%) from negative-19 (0.19%).

In Spain, 10-year interest rates have spiked more than 30 points in just the last few weeks.

In Japan, the yield on the benchmark 30-year government bond has risen more than 17-fold.

Worst of all: The cost of insuring against an actual sovereign debt DEFAULT in Japan is spiking! It just surged 60% in a few weeks — to a 15-month high!

This troubling action is precisely what we saw very early on in the Greek debt crisis a few years ago.

What’s going on? Simple:

Savvy investors are beginning to catch on.

They know that the U.S. Federal Reserve is already starting to backtrack from years of massive money printing.

They know that the Fed has just launched a program to actually SHRINK its balance sheet (by SELLING Treasury bonds) at a pace of around $10 billion per month.

They know the Fed will step UP that pace of selling FIVE-FOLD, to $50 billion per month.

They know the European Central Bank is about to announce its own bond-selling program at its October 26 policy meeting.

And they know that Japan’s debt situation is absolutely out of control!

The Great Convergence

This is the great convergence of cycles we warned you about.

We said it would happen in October, and here we are.

We said D-Day would be October 31, and it will be.

We said it would first be showing up in foreign bond markets, and it is.

We told you about the four separate fortunes you could build in this new era, and we’ve already started on the first.

But now time is running out for you to act …

You’ve already missed three opportunities – investments we’ve recommended that are already up 31.9%, 75.5% and 90.3%. (No worries! There are many more profit opportunities like these in the pipeline!)

We are already just 21 days from the Great Convergence. (That gives you some time to prepare, but not much.)

And today is already the LAST day you can claim your savings of $10,254!

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Good luck and God bless!

Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.
with Sean Brodrick

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Comments 7

  1. Karl Hussey October 14, 2017

    A great crisis in the market’s always comin’;
    And the gurus (if we follow) say our investments’ll be summin’
    We just have to ante-up….
    And maybe fill-up their cup….
    Sadly…(as usual).. we,.the poor sheeple…will be bummin’………….


  2. Paul Manger October 11, 2017

    Will we not receive instructions pertinent to this crisis within the other services
    you offer and most of us subscribe ?


  3. marc calam October 11, 2017

    Sean Brodrick called silver a buying opportunity in 2008 when silver was trading close to $48.00
    Both of you gentlemen were wrong at the time, in a big way!
    What makes you think you know better today?


  4. James October 11, 2017

    What’s gonna happen to the golden steady state level of income, will the solow steady state residual converge back to its normal level again? I am predicting a boom, in this boom, recession, depression, recovery and growth cycle that we are in. A massive boom, then a massive bust, where are all the women on money and markets hiding, Kathy lien, Stefanie kammerman. Its good to hear both sides of the perspective that we are on. We have a big boom coming our way.


  5. Vaino Hoffren October 11, 2017

    Dear Dr Weiss:

    I would very much like to participate in the Super Cycle offer, however, I am a member
    of the GMM and of Real Wealth Report and until they start producing, although I recognize the value, I can not justify another investment at this time. I do hope that a similar offer will be available in the future.


    Vaino Hoffren


  6. Peter Morgan October 10, 2017

    What are the 3 investments I missed out on as I’ve been a member for a couple of months and I haven’t seen anything yet. Talk is cheap. Money talks.


  7. john October 10, 2017

    This is not the first time those cycles have converged recently. We went through this last year ( or maybe 2 years ago). So what’s new? It was while Larry was still living.