The Fountain of Youth is Legal in 29 States

Young people shouldn’t use marijuana. But old people sure should consider it. The latest research shows that the active ingredient in Mary Jane helps old people A LOT.

I’m talking about tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The stuff in weed that makes you high. THC appears to reverse the aging process and improve mental processes. It might even be useful in treating dementia in the elderly.

And this isn’t just good news for old people. It’s good news for investors as well.

There are two active “cannabinoids” in cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD) has long been known to have health benefits. The other cannabinoid, THC, was long thought just useful to make people feel “high.”

That’s why medical marijuana is made from plants bred to have high CBD content and low THC content. CBD isn’t mind-altering at all. And for those who tout CBD’s health benefits – and there are many – that was the goal.

But now, recent research on mice shows that THC can really boost brain function in older users.

“The treatment completely reversed the loss of performance in the old animals. We repeated these experiments many times. It’s a very robust and profound effect.” That’s according to one of the authors of the study, at the University of Bonn in Germany.

THC, the study showed, “turns back the molecular clock.”

But sorry, kids. The study also showed that THC did NOT have the same effect on the young. Quite the opposite. Younger animals excelled at tests when “sober.” But they tended to “struggle significantly” under the influence of THC.

To be sure, this study has yet to be replicated in humans. But this year, the researchers behind the mice study are going to do another study. This time, on 100 human volunteers aged 60 to 70.

But let’s assume the Germans know what they’re talking about. What does that mean?

I’ll tell you what that means. It means the Fountain of (Mental) Youth is legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia.

Source: ProCon.Org

Now we already know there is a long, long list of problems that are treatable with cannabis. These include …

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Migraine headaches
  • Various forms of epilepsy
  • Mood disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • It’s even found to be effective in certain cancer treatments.

And more. It’s a long list. So, it’s not too surprising that marijuana helps restore cognitive functions in old people as well.

Older Folks Aren’t Waiting

And guess what? Older Americans are already hopping aboard the cannabis clue train in increasing numbers.

Polls show older Americans are using marijuana more frequently. Use among 50- to 64-year-olds rose by 60% in a multiyear study that ended in 2013. And among folks over 65, use was up 250% at the same time.

The most commonly cited complaints treated with medical marijuana are pain and lack of sleep.

But look at the alternative: opiods. Those things can kill ya. In fact, a new University of Virginia study says the number of deaths due to opioid overdoses are actually severely underreported.

Dr. Christopher Ruhm is a public policy and economics professor at UVa. He revisited thousands of death certificates from 2008 through 2014, and he concluded the mortality rates were 24% higher for opioids than first thought.

You know how many people overdose on marijuana? Nobody. Zilch. Zero.

So older people, being no dummies, are using the pain treatment that WON’T kill them. Much to the financial dismay of pill-pushing drug manufacturers.

From Pain Treatment to Profit

So how does this figure into more profits for investors?

Well, the surge for legalization across America is gaining momentum. An extra push from America’s politically active senior citizens won’t hurt. That should speed things along.

Meanwhile, marijuana companies are actively looking for funding. From institutions, from individuals, and through public offerings. You name it. Here’s a chart from Marijuana Business Daily that details that.


About 50% of revenue-generating companies in the marijuana space are either planning or actively trying to raise capital this year. That’s according to data in the newly released Marijuana Business Factbook 2017.

This means investors will have plenty of opportunities to get a piece of the action.

So, marijuana can be good for investors … and great for old people’s mental health.

This could be a very interesting – and profitable – year.

All the best,
Sean Brodrick

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  1. John K August 9, 2017

    I believe this is true about MJ. However, I have seen no recommendations from EWave regarding specific companies. Will they be coming?


    • Sean Brodrick August 10, 2017

      Hi, John. I think the fine fellows at EWave are leaving the pot picks to me in Marijuana Millionaire. Best wishes, Sean


  2. Nannette August 9, 2017

    I am 61 and have tried marijuana…… It eases pain and relaxes me more than any drug that I have been and still are taking. The pills are killing me and people will kill for them if they no you have what I have. God put that plant on this earth to use, not to go to prison for. I won’t use it cuz I do not want to go to jail, so I will wait till it’s legal, and the government figures out how they will get their share of the money. That’s the problem, the government, then insurance companies will go broke, etc. Use your heads people God gave this to us!


    • Sean Brodrick August 10, 2017

      Thanks for your comment, Nannette.


  3. Beth Rose August 9, 2017

    NBC just reported a new study out in Europe today that indicated marijuana led to higher incidents of heart disease. I don’t think we have enough info on this topic yet.


    • Sean Brodrick August 10, 2017

      You made it tough on me, because the study isn’t out of Europe. But it’s smoking marijuana. Not edibles. See for yourself. But that goes for smoking anything. So I guess we should make tobacco illegal?


      • mkj90620 August 11, 2017

        Govt is making tobacco illegal by pricing it out of existence.Just added $2 a pack in California.Democrats are working on making guns illegal by increasing fees and taxes on purchases.Same with ammo.


  4. Robert Schubring August 10, 2017

    Guess again on opioids, Mr Brodrick. Every cell in your body secretes the opioid drug Morphine. It reacts with nitric oxide free radicals to provide a signaling system, by which mammalian cells and plant cells (in fact, all eukaryotic cells) communicate with their mitochondria, to adjust the rate at which food is metabolized. People who look like Gov Chris Christie, have a malfunction in their control system somewhere, that stops them from noticing that they no longer feel hungry, and they continue eating way past the point, where normal healthy people put the leftovers in the fridge and go do something else. Anyhow, the Morphine-Nitric Oxide control system is very ancient.

    Professor George Stefano of the Neuroscience Center at SUNY Westbury proved that white blood cells manufacture their own morphine. (

    In short, everything the nice DARE officer taught you in grade school, about opioid pain medications, and about opioid addiction, was completely false. Exactly like the lies he taught you about cannabis.

    There is no way to get “clean and sober” of all the opioids in your body. You keep making more of them because they belong there.

    So a correct understanding of the addiction problem, means addressing the same set of problems, that make Gov Christie into a big fat tub of lard.

    That problem is, bluntly, that Gov Christie has some urge which he satisfies by horking down grossly excessive quantities of food. If he would discover what need and craving it is, that he satisfies in the wolfing down of all that food, he would have the intellectual capacity to find ways to satisfy that craving more efficiently, and without eating stuff that doesn’t make him feel any better. Which would empower him to notice when he’s not hungry, and not waste time eating. After which, the weight would melt away.

    That’s precisely how drug addiction is cured, too. One identifies what the drugs were doing for oneself, and finds better ways to make oneself feel good.

    The starting point is to recognize that these substance-abuse issues are not cured, by hiding from the substance.

    And they’re most definitely not cured, by taking Grandma’s cough medicine away from her, because it happens to contain an opioid that enables her to stop coughing and get some blessed sleep at night.


  5. David Yale August 10, 2017

    How about a few names to invest in? Not much help in the article for subscribers.


  6. Chris August 10, 2017

    Yep, all of our citizens over 50 just need to get stoned out of their minds. That will really help our Country. You guys are just brilliant.


  7. Marina H. August 10, 2017

    One stock specializes in this field is CARA. It went from $ 5.65 in July ’16 to $ 26.00+ in June ’17.
    It’s trading now @ $ 14.04.


  8. Karl August 10, 2017

    Craig is exaggerating, since NY City collapsed due mainly to other reasons than just marijuana smoking. But he does make a good point about the effects of extensive pot smoking on individuals and society.
    >>>Having gone to college during the 1970s, I saw how many students and others living near campus got woozy and quite incoherent after much pot smoking. Supposedly after several years of steady smoking, this negatively affects the brain and one’s overall personality and abilities. (Let’s see some objective, impartial research on long-term effects, before touting how great marijuana is.)
    >>>Similar to tobacco or inhaling smoky, dusty air, MJ smoke is probably harmful to the lungs and maybe other parts of the body. Let’s see long-term research to find out whether it causes lung cancer, emphysema, etc.
    >>>With people on MJ high and feeling ‘relaxed’, when they drive a car, their control and reflexes are similar to drivers who’ve drunk too much. There have already been a number of big deadly accidents by MJ smoking drivers.
    >>>In the mid-70s, before the ayatollahs gained control, I had a chance to visit Iran, which was friendly with the US during the reign of the Shah. Apart from being fascinated with such an interesting country, it surprised me to see the hookah restaurants where locals could smoke marijuana or hashish. But I was told this was limited only to seniors who had to be at least 65 years old. If younger people smoked, they could be jailed with stiff sentences. (this seems to fit with the above European research, showing benefits to the elderly, but harm to young people).

    >>>Overall, let’s see Edelson Institute put out some science-based objective research on the long-term effects of marijuana use, both for ‘young’ people (age 20 to 40), as well as seniors (60+). Right now, all the information is one-sided, about how much can be earned trading stocks; with no regard for what could be long-term negative effects on individuals and society.


  9. mkj90620 August 11, 2017

    Cigarettes were trendy for decades,before they found out how harmful they are.Some cigarette companies even had doctors in their ads,promoting them for health reasons.Now,we find marijuana becoming the fad drug.We will find out how being trendy,doing something just because it’s in fashion,may hurt you in the long run.


  10. J Pikor August 13, 2017

    I don’t see any recommendations how about three or four suggestions on which stocks to buy.

    I paid $1000 to join up with your elite service. Since that time I have been deluged with offers to buy something else and very little stock recommendations.

    I am not satisfied with what I got.

    Please advise

    Jerome Pikor


    • stockwiz August 18, 2017

      The Best name in the sector is Emblem Corp – EMMBF or EMC in canada